Aztec Magic of the Ages

Aztec Magic of the Ages

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If you are into primitive magic, then this is definitely the piece for you. It was created by a modern-day Aztec high priest who serves a circle of magicians that uphold the true form of Aztec magic. This piece has received what is called the baptism of flames and has been made using a holy fire that was dedicated to the goddess Coatlicue.

Coatlicue is the sacred goddess of many things, some of those being the Earth goddess, the creator of gods and mortals, and the one who gave birth to the stars and the moon. As such, this piece brings you a diverse portfolio of magic and sorcery.

When using this piece, you have Coatlicue as your ambassador between you and the powers of the world and the skies. You will be capable of creating whatever kind of magic you need by using the elemental energies of the Earth, the Celestial sorcery of the stars, and the magic of the moon tides. This pretty much covers whatever you will need or want to create. Of course, having the deity who correlates to these powers as your guide is a huge help as she will assist you in creating whatever magic you need.

With this piece, you will also carry with you the energies and essence of the moon phases including the full moon and new moon and the powers of the entire zodiac. Either way you look at it, this piece is extremely powerful in what it can do!

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