Baba Vanga's Psychic Eye

Baba Vanga's Psychic Eye

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This piece tells the incredible story of a lady that was affectionately referred to as Baba Vanga.  She was a Yugoslavian fortune teller who lived a life harder than most of us could imagine.  Perhaps her hardships are what led her to her incredible powers.  To begin with, she was born Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova.  Her name, Vangelia, means "herald of the good news."  This is probably more than simple coincidence.  Having been born premature she almost died and later in life she had an accident that let her blind.  However, this did not stop her from receiving psychic messages from the other side. 

Sometimes they came in the form of visions that only made sense to Baba Vanga, sometimes they were human faces that were familiar to those she was assisting, but they were always spot on.  I'm talking about the psychic visions of Baba Vanga, which she first experienced while in a school for the blind.  After moving home from the school, she would help people communicate with various spirits from the other side-- lost loved ones, angels, ancient spirits.  She would also be given psychic visions of the future including being able to successfully predict the falling of the Soviet Empire, the Chernobyl Incident, and the September 11 terrorist attacks. 

This piece here is being called the Eye of Baba Vanga.  She has been summoned and her power set into this piece.  It was chosen because it depicts the feather of a peacock, which have long been known to provide the metaphysical properties necessary to see into the other side.  The result is that this piece gives you very strong medium powers.  You will be able to communicate with the dead, with the power to summon any soul or entity.  You can do this for simple communication or to gain the powers and knowledge of the souls you summon.  You will be able to accurately predict the future paths of anybody who asks you to tell them.  You will also be able to provide spiritual healing and enlightenment for others, such as Baba Vanga was able to do during her lifetime.  This a very powerful piece, with extremely accurate and very strong powers.

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