Balms Away-- Vintage Wealth
Balms Away-- Vintage Wealth

Balms Away-- Vintage Wealth

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I'm doing two separate listings for these pieces, but they were made by the same witch. They are both vintage, collectible necklaces that were made using the powers of a witch who belongs to a very powerful coven who does most of their work by moonlight. They are whitelight witches and make white light pieces only, as they only believe in doing magic that will better humankind.

This one is the pear pendant. Same as the heart pendant, when you flip this pendant over, you will notice that it opens up. Inside there is a balm that you will wear. That is the part of the piece that been enchanted and spelled. You will wear just a dab of the balm. Don't overdo it. The balm is very powerful and you only need a little bit at a time.
This balm has been empowered to bring great wealth. You will wear this balm in any type of situation that could possibly earn a lot of money OR in a situation that will help better your finances. Here are a few examples. You can wear this piece as the casino or when you are playing a lottery. It will allow you to win lots of money! You can also wear this piece while you are asking your boss for a raise, going to a job interview, or while you are in court to try to win a cash settlement. It will help you win big.

Interesting sidenote-- it also works at bingo. While I was testing this piece, just to make sure it works as advertised, I smeared some on my grandma. She went off to bingo with her little visor cap and her fanny pack and came back with over $1,000 that she won in a bingo jackpot that had been growing for months!

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