Band of Seven Archangels

Band of Seven Archangels

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I'm going to just jump straight to the point with this one. This is an amazing piece of white light splendor. It was originally owned by a Bishop who was a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church. They have secret collections just like all other churches do, it's just not anything nearly as large as the Catholic church. Either way, the piece that is up for grabs is one that has been imbued with a massive amount of white light. I'm not sure exactly how the white light energy got into this piece or who made it, but the fact that it was made is enough. Explanations are not needed, especially not with the power in this one. You will see that there are seven shiny pearlescent beads on this bracelet, with one cross. The cross represents the magic of Christ. Into each, one of these beads has been conjuring the presence of one of the seven archangels. With this piece, you get to recreate a circle of seven archangels. Each of these seven angels has a power that they are going to bring to you that you will be able to use in the mortal realm. Here it goes:

1.) Michael- He is the commander of Gods army. As such he is going to give you protection. This is protection from all evil, dark, negative entities. He will clear your life of all these things and then work to assure that these things don't near your life ever again.

2.) Raphael- He is the spiritual and emotional healer. He will provide you will spiritual healing, cleansing of the karma and soul, as well as the realignment of the chakra system for a white light awakening of angelic psychic powers.

3.) Gabriel- Gabriel is the trumpeter and allows you to speak with a "voice like a trumpet". In other words, he allows you to communicate with Heavenly beings such as other angels, over whom you will hold dominion. There are lots of different angels that holds lots of different powers and can do lots of different things. You gain control over all of them.

4.) Jophiel- His name means the beauty of God. As such, he will give you beautification. This beautification comes not only on the outside via better looks and radiance, but also on the inside. It allows the powers of God to live inside of you and for you to manifest them in your daily life-- such as the ability to grant miracles.

5.) Ariel- Ariel's name means the Lion of God. As such this piece will bring you divine wealth and abundance. I don't think this one needs to be explained further. Wealth is wealth. Enjoy it.

6.) Azrael- He is the angel of Death and often helps in the transition of souls between death and the afterlife. However, in this case, he is the Angel of Death who will bring Death to all the things in your life that you are not content with and will spawn the birth of things in your life that you want to be there-- such as a relationship, education, a specific job, etc.

7.) Chamuel- His name is "he who sees God." This piece will not let you look upon the face of God, but it will allow you to have a direct telepathic connection with him, to see through His eyes and to know what knows. This is an incredible thing. You literally have all the knowledge of the world.

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