Band of Thieves

Band of Thieves

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So that way it is known, Lindy and DeeDee will be gone from 7/11/18 - 7/22/18.  During this time neither of them will be able to be reached via cellphone or email.  Shipping will not be done during this timeframe, but will resume as normal when they return. *

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Band of Thieves.  This piece houses a group of Djinn who are strictly to be used for wealth.  They will not grant you wishes.  They will bring quite a bit of wealth, though.  There are 8 Djinn that are housed in this piece.  We call them the band of thieves.

 Why? When you wear the item, it sparks an activation that sends the djinn forth to all realms astral, mortal, and otherwise.  They will find all wealth energies and powers collecting them, even stripping them from their owners if they have to.  They will bring these powers back to you and you will have wealthy times until the end of your days 

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