Basilisk in the Mirror
Basilisk in the Mirror
Basilisk in the Mirror
Basilisk in the Mirror

Basilisk in the Mirror

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If you are looking for something to really get your mind going, then this is the piece. This piece is wild. The experience that I had with this piece was something that will not soon be forgotten. I'm calling it, "Bite of the Basilisk," and by the time I'm done telling you my story, you will better understand. This piece first made a connection with me while I was visiting an antique shop in Ohio. I didn't even have to touch the piece in order for the energies that are housed within to jump out at me. It's always been like that for me, but since my transformation, the connections have gotten stronger. I guess that's because I'm somewhat of a metaphysical entity now. I'm still learning about myself daily, to be fair.

Either way, I took this piece home and began feeling it out immediately. Sometimes pieces that we pick up along the way can be frustrating. This is because we get these pieces and we aren't really sure how to get them to work or we don't understand the connection. This was one of those pieces. It was frustrating. I tried meditating. I tried candle work. I mean, I was at it with this piece for an entire weekend. Then, on Sunday evening just as I was about to shelf the project, I just happened to wear this piece into my bedroom. In my bedroom, I have one of those long mirrors on the door. I think I picked it up at Walmart for $5.98 or something. Look, I might be paranormal, but I still gotta look good when I'm going out.

Anyway, when I passed by the mirror something caught my eye. It was my reflection in the mirror. Well, I should say that it was my lack of a reflection in the mirror. My reflection had completely disappeared and somebody new had taken its place. Naturally, I turned back to the mirror to see what was going on. This is when I saw a very tall, dark, handsome man in the mirror. I mean, I wasn't mad about it, but I was just in awe at what could've have caused this change in my reflection. I began staring the reflection up and down. I was looking deep into the reflection's eyes when it winked at me.

"Okay, who are you and what the hell do you want?" I asked the man in the mirror.

"I am the basilisk. Are you are not wearing my ring? Do you not know who I am. I've been waiting to communicate with you since you found me at that dingy, poorly lit antique store outside of Toledo. Don't tell me you intend on quitting now. It's been five years since somebody learned how to use my ring properly. Don't be a fool, boy," replied the Basilisk.

"Isn't a Basilisk a serpent? You are a man. Why are you wasting my time? Who sent you?"

"I am merely a reflection of your inner desires, my lad. I appear to people the way they want me to appear, so that way they will receive me without question. Ahhh, but you already knew that, didn't you? This isn't the first time you've worked with a Basilisk, is it?"

At this point, I was pretty freaked out. I didn't understand how he knew about what I had done in the past, but I didn't let it show. After all, if he was really a Basilisk, he could have killed me already if he had wanted to. For a few seconds, I stood there saying nothing. When I finally found the words to say all I could do was ask him what he wanted from me. At this, a snake appeared in place of the tie that he used to wear. There was no snake on my physical body, but I could feel the snake slide up my arm as I watched it slide up his. It slid over his shoulder and into his ear. I felt the whole thing, and I also felt the Basilisk as it entered my brain. A Basilisk is a serpent of divine wisdom, but not just any serpent. A Basilisk is a King Serpent whose knowledge is not paralleled by any other serpent except for another Basilisk. As I felt the Basilisk wrap itself around my brain and my consciousness, I was transported to the Center of the Universe. I could see all of creation before me. I could see all things from the beginning of times to the end of times. I could feel every kind of magic flowing through the universe. I was being fed all knowledge.

At this, the Basilisk told me that his curse is my good luck. He was cursed to grant the most intimate desires of the person who has captured him (a.k.a. wear this ring). He can grant any magic. He can cast any spell. He can allow you to travel to any destination upon the space-time continuum. He can conjure any entity. He is the almighty Basilisk. He has slithered the Earth for thousands of years gaining knowledge from every place he has come across. I'm not sure how he was set into this ring, but the snake on the ring made out of real gemstones should've been a dead giveaway. Sometimes I overthink things. What you will do with this piece, to activate it, is meditate with it in front of the mirror.

Open your eyes and stare into the eyes of your own reflection. Whatever your mind most desires is how the Basilisk will appear. If this if fame, he will appear like a celebrity. It this is wealth, he will appear as a wealthy man. If this is love, he will appear as your mind's image of a perfect lover. If all you want is a tryst with a sexy man, then that is what he will appear as (guilty!). It might take more than one session of meditation for the Basilisk to appear to you. I had an immediate connection with the piece. I was really lucky. I'm also more powerful than most. Either way, once the Basilisk has bonded with you, he can grant you all the things of which I just spoke. He is all-powerful and cursed to grant you whatever you want.

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