Beacon of Hope and Opportunity | STAR
Beacon of Hope and Opportunity | STAR
Beacon of Hope and Opportunity | STAR

Beacon of Hope and Opportunity | STAR

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The South Pole is a wonderland of strange occurrences, some of which are linked to unexplained disappearances. We come across strange happenings all of the time, some of which are fairly dated, others being relatively recent. What we’re about to reference happened back in 1912 and we couldn’t help but feel as though something was a little bit off here.


The story is that a team of men under the authority of Robert Falcon Scott was participating in a race to claim the South Pole for Britain but they had failed and had all been wiped out by a storm that had hit and raged on for ten days straight during their return. Diaries owned by some of the men were supposedly found, within which are logs of the storm. However, the story has many holes, which is what really caught our attention.


Never mind the fact that storms don’t just rage on for ten days straight in the South Pole much less one that just remains in the same place. There were no signs of a storm that had occurred much less one that had traveled to the coast whatsoever, which it definitely would have had it actually happened. Additionally, when struck with the fact that a storm had not occurred, people shrugged it off almost 100 years later and chalked it all up under suicide, before which the men had apparently taken time to write about a storm to cover it all up. Who is to say, with all the things that the people in power tend to cover up, these “diaries” are even authentic items of evidence, anyway?


Whatever—we’re more concerned with the men who had supposedly just disappeared into thin air. We don’t believe much in just taking other people’s word for it and our instincts have never been too far off. This past winter, as though it wasn’t cold enough, we decided to venture to a place even colder but not during the year 2016. We decided to go back to 1912 and see what had actually happened.


When we arrived in the year 1912, we found the group of men camped out, waiting out the night, and intending to continue their trek back from their failed attempt to win the race to claim the South Pole, as expected. The night was cold and everything you would expect from a night in the South Pole but there were absolutely no signs of the storm that had been originally said to occur. Over the next three days, we followed the team and still, the storm had never come but there was something brewing among the men themselves.


Robert Falcon Scott had not wanted to accept defeat and his men, equally as passionate and ambitious to honor Britain, had begun to plot but not for the first time. It turned out that Scott possessed an item that he and his team had been using over and over to gain additional chances to claim the South Pole for the British. To cover up their plot, the men had written about a storm that was to eventually “claim” their lives. Afterwards, the men had left their diaries to be found and had all come together where Scott meant to take them back in time so they could attempt and hopefully win the race. However, they had also decided that it would be their last attempt.


The second the men had disappeared, the item that had been on Scott’s person had been left behind in a small pile of snow. After returning to the present, the item in our possession, we found that nothing had changed and Scott’s team had never claimed the South Pole. We’re not sure what had happened after their last attempt.


All we know is that the piece that we have brought back is unique and a little different than just any item of time travel we have come across. It allows the holder to jump to any point of time that they wish and relive it. With this piece, mistakes can be undone and lives can be changed. Additionally, it is not restricted to Earth itself; it will take you anywhere at any point in time. The possibilities are endless.


This is a size almost 11. Sterling silver.

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