Become the Egyptian Immortals

Become the Egyptian Immortals

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The tomb of the damned is one that was cracked open recently during the discovery over 800 ancient tombs in the Middle Kingdom Necropolis. Inside of this tomb, despite the name that was given to it, were very powerful entities who are believed to have been high priests in the court of the gods. Of course, the government hasn't released this information yet because they power-hungry flubs, but that's okay because we had a hand in this discovery. They just don't know that. It's called mind control magic, baby, and it works like a charm.

The Tomb of the Damned is so named because all those who have entered have succumbed to some really weird circumstantial death. That is because the power that is housed within the tomb is super powerful and they don't really want it getting around. You don't have to worry about that, though. We put a stop to it once and for all. We are also going to be very meticulous in deciding who is worthy to get this item. I mean, it's still on a first come first served basis. We just need to know that whoever is getting it is serious about making sure that the magic that is held within will handled responsibly.

The power that has been held within has been set into this scarab pendant that you can either wear on a chain or keep on your person. You can think of this as a shape-shifting piece is that's how you want to see it. When you wear it, the piece allows you to actually become the gods and goddesses of the Egyptian pantheon. When you choose to become one of the gods or goddesses that is who you will stay for an entire 24 hours. You will still look like yourself and you will be able to go on about your day. However, your knowledge will be that of the god or goddess that you have chosen to become. Your mind will think like them, you will have all of their knowledge, and you will be able to practice their magic. This opens you up to a world of possibilities because each Egyptian deity holds a different type and spectrum of magic.

To us this piece, you will give this piece drop of your blood or spit, something with your DNA. You will state which or god or goddess you wish to become and then you will wear the item or put it in your pocket. You will become that entity for 24 hours. If you choose to stay that entity for more than 24 hours, you simply repeat the process before those 24 hours are up. While in your god or goddess form, you will be allowed to practice, without limitation, the magic that they have.

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