Belle-Fleur, Mother of the Antirchrist
Belle-Fleur, Mother of the Antirchrist
Belle-Fleur, Mother of the Antirchrist

Belle-Fleur, Mother of the Antirchrist

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When the Antichrist comes around for his exploitation of souls, it surely will not be his first visit.  He has been visiting Earth and collecting souls for thousands of years.  However, in the end of times, he will come back with a vengeance and will impressed the masses enough for them to think he is a savior in the flesh.  He will trick and deceive people.  He will kill them and take their souls.  He has not a care except for the demise of humankind, the creation that God loves even more than any angel in Heaven.  He has an unabated hatred for all of humankind-- that is except for one human, a Jewess who goes by the next Belle-Fleur. 


During the 1600s the Antichrist was sent to be born of mortal flesh, the same way Jesus was.  He was born to a Jewess and baptized on the year 1613.  Again, this was necessary.  If he is going up against Jesus he has to experience everything that Jesus went through.  He was even crucified at the hands of his own people, to mock Christ and his loving sacrifice.  In his mortality, the Antichrist came to love one human and one human alone.  She is the Belle-Fleur.  She was his mother. 


The Belle-Fleur had no idea what she was getting herself into.  She lived a very pious life and even up until death had no idea what's he had birthed.  She has always been off limits as far as satanic attacks go, but the irony is that she now dwells in Heaven and has become part of the force that will extinguish evil-- even if that means her son must perish.  It's a sad precondition, but the Antichrist knew what he was getting himself into.  He loved his mother very much in his mortal form, enough that when she died he shared all of his immortal secret of the end times with her.

This piece summons the Belle-Fleur, the white light Jewess who once birthed the Antichrist.  When you summon her, she will tell you all the secrets that he son has shown her in death.  This includes all of the secrets that are mapped out in Book of Revelations but includes so many more secret, most notably how to recognize the Antichrist when you see him.  It will give you the secrets to the number 666 and the 7 scrolls, which is knowledge Satan had before the Fall.  Most importantly the Belle-Fleur will give you white light protection.  This comes from God.  He gave it to her to give to you that way no matter what happens, you will always stay safe.  In lieu of her sinister child that is no longer hers, she will act like your spiritual Godmother and keep you safe from danger, while guiding you down the paths to success and fortune.  She laments the loss of her only other child, but with you, she will be able to once again give the white light nurturing she so longs to share.  

One of the most important parts of this piece is the knowledge of 666. It is not about the end of times but more about the full supernatural power of what has never been described on Earth. This type of power is about the man, the human but it is something that is locked away in your mind. The 7 scrolls are all about knowledge from Heaven that can be used here, another magic. When you place this on it is like a transformation of the mind, soul, and the body. It is almost like plugging yourself in. This is complete change into what is known in heaven as a Phenomenal Fruit. That doesn't mean something you eat or a gay person but something that has grown in power. The power is that one thing you must experience for yourself. Warrior angels can't compare to this power and while it may seem to be blasphemy neither could Christ when he walked the Earth. Remember who Lucifer was BEFORE the fall. This is a one of a kind and it is the original piece.

This is solid Sterling silver, antique and the stone is unknown.

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