Bentham's Freemasons
Bentham's Freemasons

Bentham's Freemasons

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This piece holds a transference of power that has come from a very powerful relic. It is one of the rings of the late Jeremy Bentham who was a British philosopher and politician. He fought for the rights of common people and you can feel free to do some research on him if you'd like. However, this piece is not about the work that Bentham did as a philosopher or a government official. Rather, this piece is about what Bentham took part in off the records.

It is not a well-known fact that Bentham was part of a Freemason revivalist movement that was taking place in London during the time that he served in the government. After becoming a Freemason at the age of 21 and undergoing his 33rd Degree Awakening he devised a brilliant plan. Seeing as though most Masonic Lodges were losing touch with the magic that was once guarded by them and most of these lodges were falling by the wayside, doing things just to be symbolic and not actually tapping into the knowledge that belonged them, he promised to pass on his magic through a series of rings. On his deathbed Bentham commission set of 26 gold rings to be sent out to people of his choosing.

These rings are very unique in that they came in the guise of a mourning ring. They were gold, with a profile of Bentham himself and a lock of his own hair. They were very powerful because in them was nestled a bit of his own magical DNA that he shared with the people who he knew would continue his efforts as a Freemason and who would continue to develop his magic. This magic would thrive for years to come and in some cases it still does. However, some of these rings have been tossed aside or forgotten about and that is one of the rings that we scooped up. When we found the limited edition Bentham ring at a paranormal consignment, we knew that we needed to keep his tradition alive and well.

So, what actually is his tradition. It is that of a 33rd Degree Mason. Again, this is NOT the original piece. We have kept that but we have placed the powers of this ring into this piece. To use it you don't necessarily have to wear it, it just has to be touching your skin. When you make body contact with it, it will fuse Bentham's DNA into your own. You will gain the awakening of the 33rd Degree Freemason, with the ability to perform white light sorcery. This means that you will be able to draft and create your own white light via a special holy magic that was given to Bentham directly from God as he sat on the throne. God had seen Bentham and how much he has tried to better humanity, so he entrusted these powers to him.

Now, we are going to entrust these powers to you. Again, this piece is pure white light sorcery and that's all that it does. Well, I should say ALL because this is a very involved magic that will allow you to create your own white light abilities- whatever you think you might like to have. You draft the magic in thought form, these thought forms are sent to the Big Man upstairs, and he will directly create them for you and they will be housed in your piece forever.

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