Beyond the Veil:  Antique Spirit and Alternate Dimension Vision Glasses # 1
Beyond the Veil:  Antique Spirit and Alternate Dimension Vision Glasses # 1
Beyond the Veil:  Antique Spirit and Alternate Dimension Vision Glasses # 1
Beyond the Veil:  Antique Spirit and Alternate Dimension Vision Glasses # 1

Beyond the Veil: Antique Spirit and Alternate Dimension Vision Glasses # 1

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There are three pairs of these glasses and each one has been hand created by an elder occultist.  She is a completely blinde woman from Ukraine who cannot see a thing.  I know that sounds kind of overkill to say she's blind and she cannot see, but some blind people can at least see shadows.  She literally sees nothing.  SHe is in her 80s and has been blind since birth.  Her name is Bohdana and as of now, she has decided that she is not going to seek out immortality, although she could.  She is ready to go be with her family in the afterlife should her time come.  

At a very young age, Bohdana came to realize that she had an extremely rare gift.  Although she could not see the world around her, she has the psychic sense to see things that the human mind cannot see.  For instance, she is able to see into other realms.  These realms include other astral planes of existence, as well as places like the many layers of both Heaven and Hell.  She has crystal clear vision that allows her not only to see into those places, but to become part of them within her mind and to absorb the energies and magic that is associated with those places.  This includes places in time.  

Secondly, she has the ability to spirits.  It doesn't matter what kind of spirit it is, she can see it.  Human spirit, vampire spirit, djinn, demon, angel, etc.  She can see them all.  She has been able to since a very young age.  According to Bohdana she first realized that what she was seeing was spirits passing by when she told her mother that she could see.  Perplexed, her mother asked her to describe who she was seeing, which turned out to be Bodhana's grandmother who died before she was born.  Although she didn't understand it then, she does now.  

Hand in hand with her psychic ability comes her ability to create these glasses.  When worn, these glasses give you the same kind of psychic vision that Bohdana has. You will be able to see spirits and to see into the realms and planes that you wish to see into and also to acquire the powers and energies thereof.  Some of these will have to be seen within the mind while meditating with the glasses on, but this is the same way the magic is facilitated by Bohdana.  She is able to make these glasses similar to the way a medium is able to perform automatic writing.  when the materials are set in front of her, her body takes over and she creates the glasses.  

Although she has been making these glasses for a long time, they are very rare.  This is because Bohdana only makes them with antique materials.  She said this is because the antique materials give of a certain energy to her that allows her to connect and create.  This is why it takes her pretty long to create a single pair of them.  Like I said, she has a single helper and that is one of her brothers who is in his 70s.  You would do well to get a pair of these glasses now, as they are powerful and we don't know when and if we will be able to get another pair-- especially since Bodhana doesn't plan on seeking out immortality.  

Suggested ways to use these glasses-

-search other realms for powers and abilities

-search for different soul types that can grant you powers and abilities

-search out the souls of your loved ones to reconnect

-search out the souls of your ancestors

-search places in time that contain powers and abilities you want to acquire

-relive your favorite memories

-see into places such as the pyramids, the sphinx, or Ancient Atlantis to acquire those powers


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