Bilderberg Wealth

Bilderberg Wealth

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When you think about the most wealthy people in the world, who comes to mind?  Bill Gates? Jeff Bezos? Those would certainly be two of the most wealthy people I can think of.  I have to tell you, though. There are people out there that are wealthier than that even. If you think that having billions is incredible, think about having trillions or even more.  “Well, there is nobody that is that rich in the whole world!!”, you might reply. There people that are that rich and people who are even richer and you would never know because they are publicized.  They belong to a super confidential and covert secret society called the Bilderberg Group.

One a year, all the members of the Bilderberg group meet in secret at a place called the Bilderberg Mansion.  Spots in the clandestine clan are usually reserved for people of political and business influence and not celebrities.  They look at celebrities as “New Money” and for the most part, they don’t want anything to do with them. There are exceptions, of course.  Jay-Z one of hip-hop’s most recognizable faces is part of the Bilderberg group and they have taught him how to turn his talent into a business and now he worth nearly $1 Billion dollars!  And Jay-Z isn’t even immortal. He has amassed that in one lifetime

Like I was saying, the Bilderberg Group has this meet up once per year.  It is only men. They meet to do blood rituals in order to create pieces that will hold their collective wealth powers and to pass them onto people within their group.   This also involves sexual magic, but that is not what’s in this piece. Here’s the kicker about the whole thing. Only some of the blood that they use if freshly sacrificed blood.  They get this by abducting random children from the streets all over the world. But to our surprise, as chronicled in this piece, the majority of the blood used in the ritual (at least the one that made this piece) is the blood from past members of the Bilderberg Group.  It makes their magic even more powerful because they are using blood that is already powerful. This is how the magic in this piece has become so strong. It Sterling Silver will gold flakes on the outside, but the sterling has been melted down and infused with the blood of the past leaders of the Bilderberg Group.  This assures a special quality about the piece and a vast amount of wealth for the person who wears it.

This piece has been worn by the wealthy elite for several years now.  It has changed hands several times and has helped the wealthy become even more wealth.  Well, that stops now. Don’t ask how we got this piece, because we aren’t allowed to tell you.  Just know that we have it and it is very powerful It does no other type of magic. All this piece does is wealth-- and not the kind of wealth magic that you are used to.  The wealth in this piece is spectacular and holds so much wealth power that you and your generations to come will not have to worry about finances. It might not give you the secret agenda of the Bilderberg Groups, but it will bring you their immense powers of wealth.  After all, they say money makes the world go ‘round.

Again, this piece is sterling silver with real gold flakes.  It will not be a cheap piece.  

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