Birthing the Sphinx

Birthing the Sphinx

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To everyone reading this listing. We have a bunch of products like this one. This is an item that may have seen on the website before. For whatever reason this piece has either gone out for more testing, has been loaned out, or was sent for further research. All of these items work superbly. Even if you've seen the listing before, be careful to re-read the listing. Many of the items will have an update found at the beginning of the listing. Some of the items are more powerful than we thought they were and some of them have even more powers/abilities than we realized!

In ancient Egypt, most powerful entity was the Sphinx.  I mean, this isn't earth-shattering knowledge, the built a giant in their ancient capital city, Giza.  This is because it has long been known that cats hold an ethereal presence that allows them to see all things magic.  They are a lot smarter than they are given credit for.  The fact that they are half man is symbolic of the fact that we, too can have this knowledge if we humble ourselves enough to embrace the fact that cats are born with natural psychic abilities that humans have since lost.  

This piece provide ancient truth, through a birthing magic.  It allows you birth your very own Sphinx, in spirit form.  You will be able to see the Sphinx, but nobody else will.  All Sphinx that are born hold a connection to all other Sphinx in existence.  As such, when you birth your Sphinx, you will also be able to gain that connection, by allowing your Sphinx to share your mind and body.  Once he is fully grown, your Sphinx will attain full power and this is when he will be ready to give you all of his power and magic.  You have to use the powers in this piece to birth your Sphinx first.  The growing process takes a few months, but you will begin to notice magic that the Sphinx has as soon as it comes into existence.   This is also a pendulum so after birthing you may ask questions and speak to him or her. You will also need to name them.

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