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Bishops Ring

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What you are about to read are things that have been posted on the internet about it but there are other things you can learn about it as well! EVERYTHING YOU READ ABOUT, NOTHING WAS WRITTEN BY US. THIS IS WRITTEN BY ANOTHER COMPANY UP UNTIL OCTOBER 20, 2010 and DECEMBER 2, 2016!

Gold Victorian Bishops ring with stunning enamel work and hidden ring with stalking wolf!

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A bishops ring is not an every day object in our inventory. In the almost 30 years of experience in the antique jewelry trade we can recall to have purchased only two before. (One of them we lend out to the makers of the movie "The Da Vinci code" based on the best seller by Dan Brown. It was worn by Alfred Molino playing the role of Bishop Aringarosa.)

There is something odd about this ring. Not the bishops ring itself but the ring that comes with it. Inside the bishops ring we found a silver ring hidden with in relief a gold wolf. Bishops rings are normally worn on gloves so their size is "a bit larger then normal". But to find another ring hidden into such ring puzzles us. A hidden ring with a non-Christian motif. What could be the story behind this? Why would a person wearing such ring find it important to hide an extra symbol to this high profile ring and hide it?

This particular ring is set with a huge gem amethyst in a beautiful velvetish dark sparkling color and is elaborately crafted with angels in high relief on both sides. The wings of the angels are enameled in a way that we can recognize as a neo-Egyptian style. Each angel holds a shield, one shield with the Chi Rho sign and the other shield with three letters PSV, most probably the initials of the Bishop.

The Chi Rho is one of the earliest forms of christogram, and is used by Christians. It is formed by superimposing the first two letters in the Greek spelling of the word Christ, chi = ch and rho = r. The Chi-Rho symbol was also used by pagan Greek scribes to mark, in the margin, a particularly valuable or relevant passage; the combined letters Chi and Rho standing for chreston, meaning "good."

According to "The Church Visible", by James-Charles Noonan, Jr. (Viking), the bishop's ring is a sign of authority. In the earlier Code of Canon Law clerics who were not bishops were forbidden to wear rings. As a symbol of episcopal authority the ring first appeared in the third century. By 637 A.D. St. Isidore of Seville would write, "To the bishop at his consecration is given a staff; a ring likewise is given him to signify pontifical honor or as a seal for secrets". According to Noonan, the bishop's ring would later also take on the symbolic meaning that he was wedded to the Church. The cardinal's ring is given by the Holy Father at a Mass following his being named a cardinal.

UPDATE - MAY 11, 2010.
We received a mail giving us the following explanation:

"I truly believe I know the answer to your question about the hidden wolf ring. It was a symbol used especially by priests who were also Jesuits. Jesuits, as you may or may not know, have a very, what some may call, "sinister" history and a stealthy agenda (which you may want to look into), such that the wolf is the perfect symbol, and a hidden wolf within the ostentatious outer ring fits this "brotherhood" of master deceivers perfectly!"

We do not claim that this is the answer to the riddle but it could be!

UPDATE - OCTOBER 18, 2010.
We received a mail giving us the following explanation:

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing in reference to the Gold Victorian Bishops Ring (Reference Nº: 09360-4341 ) you have shown on your website. From the lack of information you have on the ring I assume you know little of it? I on the other hand do know the significant provenance of the ring.

The ring was commissioned for my great grandfather in 1869 by, the then Roman Catholic Bishop of Paris, Georges Darboy. My great grandfather, I will not disclose his name for personal reasons, was both a member of Dutch and English aristocracy. Dutch by birth and English through marriage. Georges Darboy is one of the most prominent of all the Bishops of Paris, he was an ostentatious man and held his differences with the Pope as to hid infallibility. My great grandfather and Darboy were close friends, often visiting and hunting with one another.

The ring was made during the Franco-Prussian war as a gift to my great grandfather for funding the rebuild of a significant church or chapel (I am unsure of which) in the Paris region after it is was devastated by fire years before. My great grandfather also gifted a number of relics from his private collection to the Bishop over the years before his death. 

When the ring was originally made the stone it housed was a Sapphire. By all the accounts the stone was an exception example - nearly flawless and of magnificent colour. Queen Victoria herself admired the stone in a letter to my great grandmother. Unfortunately the sapphire was accidental broken some years later and replaced by the current stone. We still have three rather large stones that were cut from the original broken sapphire. We also have a portrait of my great grandfather wearing the ring in 1887 with the original sapphire.

Georges Darboy was killed in Paris by the Communards during their takeover of Paris in 1871.

The ring passed to my grandfather and then onto my father. It was left accidentally in the Netherlands upon my fathers escape to England upon the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands. The ring was never seen again. It is great to see that it survived the war and subsequent years. 

Unto the ring itself, the Chi-Rho is indeed a Chir-Rho but also the representation of the latin word PAX, meaning 'peace'. Darboy expressed this as his wish for peace between France and Prussia. The initials are that of my great grandfather. The inner ring with the wolf does not have any connection to the Jesuits. Neither Darboy or my great grandfather had a connection to the Jesuits. The wolf ring was made shortly after the main ring to fit my great grandfathers finger without gloves - this way he could wear it to mass. The wolf itself represents the nickname of my great grandfather.

Sadly, I am not in a position to purchase the ring but I would appreciate that the provenance of the ring be passed onto the person that does purchase the stone. I do not mind you providing this information on your website as long as no reference to myself or family are made with it.

UPDATE - OCTOBER 20, 2010.

To make this long and interesting story even more interesting, we invite you to There, take a look at the text and picture of Georges Darboy and then look at the name of the blog (remember the hidden ring with wolf motif inside the Bishops ring!). Conspiracy hunters of all countries, unite!

UPDATE - APRIL 13, 2013.
This ring was used to perform a complete angelic transformation. They gained immense power. They could travel back and forth between Heaven and Earth freely.

To clarify, this is a dual ring and it can and does grant complete immortality. Aging stops immediately.  The result is the actual ability to live through eternity. It allows you to control events from miles and miles away. It doesn't matter where you are - you can stop or control the events in all of their entirety freely. You can see beyond the great beyond and all that lies among it. We've used this to influence stuff around the world ourselves.

This is a direct communication with God and you can speak to him. The moment you get it, you can ask him a question and get an answer. Even if he is unwilling to tell you the answer, you will get an answer - he will actually tell you cannot answer. That's how you will know it is working. There will be no misunderstanding whether or not this is working - he will never respond to one of your questions with silence. He will always respond to you.

We talked to a customer today about Pizzagate. We have discussed in great detail some of the things we want to do to those sick bastards. We haven't made up our minds yet. Whether they end up with microscopic penises or we go ahead and end up killing them all - who knows. Only tomorrow will tell.

Some of you who may not like that or think it's wrong, perhaps you should look into what Pizzagate is and you might change your mind. It's awful and I'm confident you would agree.

This ring has been used for many different purposes.

We know someone who just wanted to be a famous author and used it to publish two books. They've been on TV. They acquired more fame than they actually asked for.

We know someone else who wanted to become famous. They bought the ring on a whim for $150,000, which they inherited from family. They became a very famous singer. They are well-known across the globe - we guarantee that you have heard of them as well. They also wanted extreme wealth along with their fame because they felt as though anything and everything they wanted could be bought or gained through money. They have gotten that.

Someone used it to handle an addiction, which they did and have overcome completely. They haven't relapsed once.

It might seem like a lot of those things seem self-serving but we've had it bought and used for selfless reasons too. We've had someone who bought it for the sole purpose of granting themselves the ability through out their entire body to help others unconditionally because that is all they wanted to do. If you don't believe, feel free to do your own research. The Bishops ring can be searched up and found on the internet and that is the ring I have.

I have the real Bishops ring.

WE ARE WILLING TO HOLD THE PIECE FOR THE RIGHT PERSON WITH A DOWN PAYMENT. If you are a customer of ours already and are interested in purchasing this ring, we are going to look into your buying history before considering selling it to you. Even if you have the money ready to go, it does not mean we will sell it to you for certain.

All sorts of people have tried to buy this from me. The current Queen of England wants this ring. If you question as to why I have not sold it to her - the Queen of England or the people who have asked me to sell it BACK to them - it's because I know who they want to sell it to. I know some of the people who want this ring and those are some of the people who should NOT be allowed to have it.

We are trying to look for the proper home for it. I do have someone in mind that I believe is perfect for this ring - we share a lot of the same views, I've been able to learn about them over time and they are a lot like me, right down to the interests. However, we will not put their name out there because we do not want to pressure anyone into buying this ring. Do not try to guess who it is - we will not reveal it regardless.

Obviously, of course the ring will be sold to the first person who we deem to be an acceptable owner for the piece but, like I said, we will be checking purchase history for current customers. Again, we do have someone in mind that we'd like to sell it to but that does not mean it will change our opinions on whoever steps forward looking to buy it first.

MATERIAL: 18K yellow gold 

PRECIOUS STONES: amethyst (dimensions approximately 1.80 cm (0.71 inch) x 1.17 cm (0.46 inch)

HALLMARKS: In the gold ring we find the French control mark for 18K gold representing an Eagle's Head that was in use in France from about 1838. 

In the silver ring we find the Copyright sign in front of three letters "OTT" and the word "STERLING" indicating the silver alloy to be 925. 

CONDITION: excellent condition

DIMENSIONS: Face of ring 2.76 cm (1.09 inch) x 3.78 cm (1.49 inch)

WEIGHT: 36.40 gram (23.41 dwt)

CONTINENTAL: 69 & 22 , Size US 12¾ , Size UK: Z This ring cannot be resized because of the way it is made.

CONTINENTAL: 54 & 17¼ , Size US 6¾ , Size UK: N

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