Bite of the Ouroboros youtube video
Bite of the Ouroboros youtube video

Bite of the Ouroboros youtube video

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It's probably not that hard to believe, but people in other places hate their government, just as some of us hate ours.  Then again, it has much become a one world operation anyway, with the Illuminati and the NWOcalling the shots.  It really just depends on where you're at.  This is how we ended up with this scroll.  The scroll is an ancient manuscript that was found during a recent excavation.  It's not that we had any one working on the site this time, but as I have suggested the people overseas are so fed up with their government's greed that the person who found this sent the scrolls straight to us, instead of ever alerting the appropriate officials that anything was found.  Business as usual, for the day, I suppose. 
We spent some time working on the scroll that was sent to us, trying to decipher what it said.  It wasn't until we decided to use a spiritual awakening piece gear specifically toward Egyptian magic that we were able to tell exactly what the scroll was.  It was a set of instructions that pinpointed a place called the Temple of the Ouroboros.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Just the spot where the Temple of the Ouroboros was located.  You already know that we had to suit up and get ready to travel.  There was absolutely no way that we were allowing this one to slip by without having a hand in it.  
We arrived in Cairo and wasted no time in getting to where we needed to go.  I'm not going to bore you with the details of how we found the Temple.  I'll just say this-- we had our fair share of setbacks and had to hire a local to help us navigate the instructions.  The temple had something to do with the constellation Orion, which makes sense because so does most of the stuff in Egypt, including the pyramids and the Sphinx.  However, the Temple of Orion has never before been visited by humans that weren't the ancient Egyptians who used to live there. 
Inside of the Temple of the Ouroboros, we came face to face with all of our life cycles.  Hence, each person's experience was different, because the temple is a universal brain that holds the thought forms and memories of every single person alive.  The Ouroboros is the ancient symbol of cyclic and eternal life, so that kind of makes sense if you think about.  See the temple is not simply just another building.  Rather, it a challenge for those who enter.  You must revisit all of your past life cycles in order to make it to through to the chamber where you are set free.
The chamber is called the Chamber of Life.  It is called this because once you make it through all your past life cycles, you obtain what is called the Eternal Freedom.  The Eternal Freedom reunites all of your life cycles and allows you to live as all of them all at once.  There is a living, breathing Ouroboros, the ancient serpent of eternal wisdom, that lives in the Chamber of Life.  Once you have achieved the Eternal Freedom, the Ouroboros will give you it's "bite".  
Once you receive the "bite" you will become like a living, breathing god, capable of creating any power that you see fit.  This is the same "bite" that was given to the god Osiris that allowed him to become the chief god over all others.  His powers are ultimate over the powers of other gods and equal to other gods that have received the "bite" of the Ouroboros.  
So what are we offering?  This piece holds the powers of the Temple of the Ouroboros.  When you wear, it the Ouroboros comes to you in its living form and will surround you.  You will be given the ability to astral travel to the Temple of the Ouroboros.  You will have to revisit all of your previous life cycles.  Let me be clear, you don't have to relive all of them, you just have to revisit them long enough for that life cycle to attach itself to your current life cycle, that way all of them can merge together.  This is when you will achieve the Eternal Freedom, to live outside of mortal bounds and gain a collective conscious of existence.  
One you have done all this, you will be given the Bite of the Ouroboros, which will render you to the likeness of a God.  Again, this gives you the living wisdom of all past Egyptian gods and goddesses and allows you to create your own powers.  When it comes to Egyptian powers, there are probably very few that are more powerful than this one.  I know that I've explained in kind of quickly, but the process is very involved, as you will be resurrecting and revisiting all of your life cycles before you get the "bite".  Don't lose focus, and whatever you do, do not get stuck in any of your past life cycles.  You will face challenges, but this is because the Ouroboros is strengthening you to make you ready for the ultimate power, which is his bite and eternal wisdom.    

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