Black and White Voodoo Liberation

Black and White Voodoo Liberation

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This ring holds the spirit of witch that was caught and burned during the American witch trials of the 1700s.  This is not a witch that came from Salem.  Rather she was tried and found guilty in the state of Virginia.  Having been a native of Haiti, she was shipped off and sold as a slave at a young age.  This was after her grandmother taught her everything there was to know about Voodoo, the good and the bad, the light and dark.  

Unfortunately, at the time of her demise, she was not able to use her magic to ward off the villagers who burned her at the stake.  There is power in numbers, as such her young magic was overtaken and she was killed.  However, she has had hundreds of years in the spiritual realm to communicate with her Haitian and Voodoo spirit ancestors.  She is back with a vengeance and wants nothing more than to bring her powers full-force.  

This piece is black and crystal for a reason.  This represents that fact that this piece does Voodoo in both its light and dark aspects.  Voodoo is actually a religion of peace and white light.  At the same time, don't ever piss off a Voodoo witch.  Either way, the ball in this ring contains the spirit of the Voodoo witch you are getting.  This piece is your mortal liberation, into a being of full supernatural capabilities!!  She will show you, in depth, how to practice both white light and dark light Voodoo magic.  This will give you ALL that Voodoo magic encompasses.  The only catch?  You will have to let share your body.  You will always be in full control.  She will never be able to overtake you.  She merely wants to practice her voodoo in human form.  The rest will be your knowledge to do with whatever you want.  

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