Black Crystal of Perpetuity | STAR
Black Crystal of Perpetuity | STAR

Black Crystal of Perpetuity | STAR

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The catacombs of Paris are a complete mystery to the general public. All maps that exist of this place are incomplete and missing quite a bit of architectural forms. The little things that are known are mostly things that can be gathered from face value by those who dare even peek shallowly into the catacombs. Yes, there are endless walls completely constructed of human skulls but that is as shallow as it gets. The deeper you go, the more odd the catacombs become. They are specifically designed to meddle and even torment an untrained human mind.

The reasons for this being that it is the home of an entity - a fusion - made up of both archangel magic and a supreme demon power. We believe that it is a very old entity, one that was created quite some time ago. For many centuries, there has been an on-going war between Heaven and Hell for quite some time. Sometimes we feel it influence the realm of the living as well. It inspires chaos and tragedy among other things. It influences the minds of average human beings to become unsettled and push them toward doing things they would not normally do otherwise. That is what makes this war so dangerous. For as long as it exists, man kind could very well destroy each other. For as long as this war carries on, man kind will never find complete peace.

This entity is born from this concept, which is why we believe that it is so old. Some think that it was birthed from the clash between Heaven and Hell, the start of the war from the death of the first angel and demon that were slain in the fray. However, we think that it was actually created when the archangel Michael first descended from heaven - flaming sword and all - and shattered the Black Crystal of Perpetuity - a very dark relic that was meant to draw in the souls of God's children - humans - to feed Lucifer enough stable power that would essentially give him the ability to walk among the living.

His power is solely dual magic and he is not the most predictable of entities. He has taken human life but he has given it as well. He has destroyed demons and birthed them. He has destroyed angels as well reconstructed them again. He leeches power from any and all entities, which is why he does not care what he kills. He has swallowed the souls of humans and has released them back into existence with power that was otherwise never meant to be in the hands of humans. This is how a number of the powers we are even capable is possible - this entity.

They say that, somewhere among the catacombs, the Philosopher's stone is hidden... and this is true. However, it is something that can never be touched by mankind. It is one that can never been casually seen by one either.  The stone itself, as it is protected by this creature, is veiled with an enchantment - some form of magic - created by the creature itself that can only be lifted by it as well. It is the same spell that is cast upon most of the mines. The same one that causes you to see things the deeper you go. The same one that allows you to get lost. The same spell that slowly makes you lose your sanity. The creature is connected to every single inch of the catacombs. It is ultimate its domain.

This piece is one that is only gained by one who survives the catacombs long enough for the creature to find you and look upon you. He will then make a choice and this is ultimately what makes this item so far. It is one enormous gambling to go looking for this creature because upon finding it, there is no escaping it if he decides to to ingest your soul. If he chooses to let you live, he will bestow a piece - only one - and guide you to the surface, which will always be exactly seven steps from wherever he finds you.

The power in this piece is entirely made up of dual magic, like the entity that creates it. It will grant you a mixture of power that is not quite pure and not quite dark - a very neutral power with which you have control over what you wish to do with it. It greatly empowers all of your natural abilities. We find that, if you are one that does not have natural abilities, you can simply manifest powers that you desire to have instead, which will naturally grow rapidly and become more and more empowered by the entity over time. He will feed you immense and consistent power over time as, the stronger you get, the more power you generate, the more powerful he gets and generates as well. That being said, you are not directly connected with this entity either. He cannot control you.

In fact, because you have this piece, you will safely be able to interact with this creature if you choose to do so. You will be able to look upon him in his original and unenchanted form. You will be able to communicate with him freely telepathically for whatever reason you may need to. Through the period of time we have tested this piece, we have also found that the entity does maintain slight connections with the archangel Michael. We have never attempted to connect to Michael on our part but we have heard him speak through this creature on multiple occasions, which is another thing you will likely experience.

Additionally, you can choose the powers you wish to master - this is different from just inheriting power. Mastering the magic of whatever you desire - the power of Michael, the power of the other archangels, the power of this creature, etc. - will intensify what you are capable of. So you can choose to tap into the entity and use what he is capable of or your can hone the power and generate your own specifically desired abilities.

As we said before, this item is rare and we only know of one in existence and that is the one we have. Don't count on their being another one because we are fairly certain there will not be.

This piece can be used by a male or female.


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