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One of the greatest things in my life is that I get to meet circles of people that are unique. I get invited places,circles that would not bother with the normal populace. I don't feel privileged but I do enjoy some of the more interesting stuff that inhabits this world.

Little known to most is a very ancient and royal ritual usually carried out by Arabs with their newborns. This is the binding of the Djinn but it takes a great sacrifice and ALWAYS a trip to India for a body burning. 

These royal Arabs are your oil barons and holders of major corporations like Coke,news stations and various other companies you would have no idea that they own. The States are owned not by American people but by mainly foreign interests. It is these hard core players that hold the keys and pull the strings to a worldy empire. Most ask how did this happen,it must be oil. While oil does play a part in this it is mainly wealth that brought the oil into certain peoples hands in the first place,same as other industries.

How it is really and truly done is through the sacrifice of a dead relative and the embodiment of a djinn passed to a newborn in the family. This closely guarded secret is no more. But there are major details that even I don't know. It is like having half the forumula for making gold but missing that one ingredient.  While I can't give you the full details because I don't know them I can tell you a little about it and offer a few very rare pieces.

 There is a formula for getting a newborn djinn,not exactly young but sent directly from heaven to bound with the blood and bone of a human and then mixed and heated with real gold. it must be real gold. How this happened was a long time ago,a few thousand years a man was taken up by God and he whispered into his ear a secret of wealth and of control. Now if you don't believe this,it's okay because you see everything has a reason. I believe and have said to one such man that I think all of this plays a part in world affairs and in the "new" beginning that will soon happen. He laughed but I know I'm right.

So for thousands of years after the whisper of God when a member of a family would die they get them anyway they can to India. In India is a place of burning corpses and this place is known as hell in which the people burn non stop. Special scarves are bought and they are wrapped,burned and some remains by a servant who takes the body are brought back to the Arab. What is taken back to the head of the household is some ashes of the burnt relative. This is not a disrespectful thing but an honor. This relative who always has some Djinn in their body anyway is now going to become mixed with gold to have a new sent Djinn from God to bond and become part of a human body in the families new baby.

Now you ask what if a new baby is born but no relative dies? it doesn't matter because as soon as a relative dies they are burnt to make the gold. The ring is then placed away and waits a new body,aka the baby that will hold the power of the Djinn sent to them.

So what does this do exactly and why would this even happen in the first place. Those are simply answers even though some of these royal Arabs don't agree with me.

It is my belief that this is a must,the money,wealth and power of the Arab is setting the world stage. The wealth MUST be kept in that linage,the power MUST be kept but it doesn't mean a few of you can't have it. Just a few....

The relatives body is burned,the ashes are brought back to the home. The head of household a man will then get his ancient formula and mix those ashes with a melted gold which is heated in a black iron small cup with a square mold ready for it to be poured into. Then it is dumped into water and taken to an approved jeweler who will set stones and size the ring. It MUST be a ring and no baby rings are made ever. The big ring is placed around the neck by chain and worn every day. Each day the baby grows stronger and grows into the ring with his or her own personal djinn.

How did I get these?

A friend of mine contacted me and told me of a dearly loved family member dying. I knew what was going to come next and I knew I would not do this. I didn't feel it was right. I understood the feeling as my own lover was no longer with me but certainly if I would not or could not do it for them I would not do it for this friend. Yet I knew I was not of the best moral character and was not God to make such decisions. I also knew my own lover would not have wanted it but if someone did and made their own choices I guess it was alright.

I did it,I turned them into what I am,whatever that is,whatever humans call it,although it is not our real names but something Hollywood made up to make money. We indeed to exist but not as you all imagine. To do this I had to give a little of myself and since technically I'm already quite unalive as I like to put it I was given my own blood and bone Djinn directly from God.  Yes we do get taken to a higher place when death does come for us. We decide this ourselves.

I had one made for me and  10 others. I only gave away five of them and there are 5 left. I can't make anymore then what you see here. There is a reason for that but that is my own personal story.

You may pick one and purchase it. These will change your life,your being handed a kingdom of your own control and that is everything and anything. Please remember I have been around many kinds and while this is the most powerful wealth and power item it is not all that life is about. Before buying know that maybe your life is as it is for a reason and maybe your suffering was meant to be or maybe you were to find these little gems. That my friends is up to you to decide for yourself.

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