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Sometimes when I watch the politics on TV or on social media I crack up! The newest thing is that the word vagina can be triggering and now to the libs it is not PC. They now came up with the term front hole. I LOST MY MIND!!!!!! Honestly a week later I'm still laughing! This is the best of the best in moronic bullshit!

This all ivory piece has a front hole. I don't want to offend anyone who has been set back to caveman times. In the front hole, ahhhhh OMG I can't stop myself from laughing! Holy Crow balls, I'm seriously losing it! 

Okay so in the front hole of this piece you will drop your fluid gender blood OMG I'm cracking up again!!!! Fluid gender, holy shit they may as well call themselves sex shifters!!! I actually have a sex shifter piece I'm going to put ion today. I feel no matter who you are or think you are you have a right to be as crazy as you want to, equality for all!

Back to this all ivory beauty with the front hole before I give up for the day! So this piece with the front hole does exactly what you want it to do, no matter what it is. Okay, there are some exclusions, no immortality, flying and giving yourself an extra hole, front or back.

To use this extremely powerful and supernatural piece place some blood in the front hole. You will see the hole in the center. This can be any type of blood, male, female, sex shifter or animal from the grocery store. Once you do that you will state what you want. This can be a magic, ability, situation or protection from anything. You can use this piece over and over again. This is a very powerful piece and you do get what you want.

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