Blood Lord Ascension | STAR
Blood Lord Ascension | STAR

Blood Lord Ascension | STAR

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It is not always clearly seen, even by those who it directly affects. One is born only when the one before them has died. There is only ever one in existence at a time and the occurrence is something of a legendary event because it doesn't happen often - the rise of a new Vampire Lord. The term 'Vampire Lord' is reserved for a being that exists with a level of supremeness unrivaled by any other.

Vampire Lords have the ability to birth new vampires during their reign, which is why there are so many types of them to be found today. Very few know about this because Vampire Lords are secretive, live in seclusion and they function independently. They avoid their own kind because their natural power omits an aura that provokes those around them to challenge them. When Vampire Lords originally came into existence, this aura was often something that the past Lords would use to inspire fear and loyalty. This day in age, it is too dangerous for vampires to risk such a thing when there are so many methods to counter immortality and species of evil vampire willing to steal it from them.

It is unknown where the current Vampire Lord resides but this piece was discovered clutched in the hands of an incinerated corpse hidden under the Chapel of Bones in Portugal. Upon removing this piece, which was the only thing that hadn't been destroyed by the incineration, the corpse dusted completely. It belonged to Baisa, the late Vampire Lord. It is unknown why he had died but the death appeared self-inflicted. It is very likely that, like other immortals, he had just wanted to die.

This piece was created from his death. It is meant to go on to the next Vampire Lord or a vampire of his choosing but he had never ascended anyone before taking his own life. The piece is laced with Baisa's blood, from which he blood can be drawn and absorbed passively, which is how the wearer inherits his power. With this piece, you will gain access to all of the powers and abilities of all of the vampire species that Baisa created, only some of which are currently known.

There is the Lotus Vampire, which is a vampire whose bite is an extraordinarily potent aphrodisiac. These vampires feed off of sex as a primary life-force. They can sense power and the level of prominence it has in any individual. They duplicate and inherit the ability through sex, which is why their victims are often left almost completely drained while the vampires remain tireless.

He created Celestials, which he created as the vampire equivalents of angels. The least is known about this species. It is likely that this was the last species to be created so it is young and unexplored.

Then there is Sentinels, which feed off of blood heated with rage. They can use their power to empower various parts of their bodies for various reasons. These vampires are dangerous and most animal like. They can empower their nails to secrete toxin and they can withdraw a soul with their bite.

Another thing about this item is that it holds a similar aura to that of a Lord, which will attract vampires to your person. It is very likely that they will not bother you due to the nature of the powerful aura the piece omits but it is not explicitly guaranteed either. Additionally, this is a piece created from death and so it is linked to death itself. It will inspire spirits to come to you, the origin and intention of which are never known for sure.

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