Blood of Hexenhaus and Three Dozen Witches
Blood of Hexenhaus and Three Dozen Witches
Blood of Hexenhaus and Three Dozen Witches
Blood of Hexenhaus and Three Dozen Witches

Blood of Hexenhaus and Three Dozen Witches

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This piece was created by the conjurer that we have working for us. We often send him out on missions in order to collect the most powerful magic that we can find. The most recent journey that we sent him on was to Bambert, Germany. His mission was to find and retain any magic or abilities that he could come across concerning an establishment called the Hexenhaus. The Hexenhaus was a prison built in Bambert, Germany in 1627. It was built during the rule of the "witch-bishop" Prince Goffried Johann George Fuchs Von Deronheim. Quite a name, I know, but that's what his parents named him. Either way, Hexenhaus had enough cells to accommodate 26 witches. It also had two chapels and one torture chamber. It was the location of the death and the spilled blood of many German witches.

The mission that we sent the conjurer on was simply to try and conjure one of the witches from Medieval Bambert. What we didn't know is that he was going to come back with a piece that was 36 times as powerful. You see, he did find the spot where the original Hexenhaus was located. It's extremely haunted as the blood of the witches stains the ground-- not literally, figuratively. This gives a connection to many of the witches that were murdered there, both accounted for and unaccounted for. Fifty of these witches were conjured into this piece when our conjurer burned the ring in the soil where the witches were killed and didn't come back for it for three days. This was enough time for the witches to become attached to the piece and other than a simple binding spell, the conjurer didn't even have to do much. He really came through.

As a result of his investigation, we have this piece that holds the presence of 36 Medieval German Witches. Each of these witches holds a power that you will be interested in having. They can cast spells in accordance to the power that they represent, which are not learned powers, but powers that they were born with. Each witch has a power that they are born with, some more than one, that must be manifest instead of learned. These are the types of witches you are getting.

1. Love witch
2. Wealth Witch
3. Protection wWitch
4. Guiding Witch
5. Locating Witch
6. Healing Witch
7. Summoning Witch
8. Granting Witch
9. Pyromantic Witch (control of fire element)
10. Cosmic Witch
11. Astral Witch
12. Moon Magic Witch
13. Mental/Mind Control Witch
14. Genetic Manipulation Witch
15. Divination Witch
16. Runic Witch
17. Soothsayer Witch
18. Destiny Witch
19. Luck Witch
20. Time Traveling Witch
21. Duplication Witch
22. Zodiac Witch
23. Witch of the Gates
24. Future Teller Witch
25. Elemental Witch
26. Atmospheric Witch
27. Alchemy Witch
28. Changeling Witch
29. Dreams and Visions Witch
30. Electromantic Witch
31. Aeromantic Witch
32. Telekinetic Witch
33. Psychokinetic Witch
34. Chanting Witch
35. Witch of Animal Forms
36. Psychometric Witch



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