Blood Relic of the Resurrected Omm Seti
Blood Relic of the Resurrected Omm Seti

Blood Relic of the Resurrected Omm Seti

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We have written about Omm Seti before. However, this piece is different. It is unique and original. It is one that we made through actually contacting Omm Seti in death and bringing her back to life so that she could help us to make this piece. If you don't know who Omm Seti is, please allow me to fill in some of the blanks. Dorothy Eady was a young British child who had died at the age of three. She was brought back to life, but he wasn't really brought back to life as herself. Between dying and coming back, somehow the spirits got jumbled and when Dorothy woke up she was not really Dorothy. I mean, her brain still had memories of Dorothy and she looked, talked, walked, and acted like Dorothy for a while. However, after a while, the young girl began to insist that she was a woman named Bentreshy. She claimed that she had served on the court of King Seti of ancient Egypt. All this from simply falling down the stairs? I should think not.

As she aged, Dorothy's behavior became more erratic. Once when he parent took her to the British Museum in London, she went into the Egyptian galleries and began kissing the feet of the statues. Much to her parent's astonishment, Dorothy turned to them in a croaky, old voice she demanded to be left alone with her people. She was once shone a picture of a temple built by Seti, an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. Shortly after that Dorothy began demanding that her parents take her home-- as in not their home, but Egypt.

There are lots of other instances that you can research that will simply baffle your mind at how this young girl, who came back from the dead, could recall and recount things that she could not have possibly been there for. It is because she really is who she said she is. What happened was when she had died, her spirit left her body and she was supposed to remain dead. However, the soul of an ancient Egyptian priestess was somehow remitted from death back into the body of the three-year-old. Her ancient knowledge was far beyond what anybody could comprehend, especially when she began pointing out places in Egypt that she could not have possibly known as a young child of just 3, 4, and 5 years old. She was Omm Seti reincarnated and it is an anomaly that is nothing less of astonishing.

This piece holds the power of Omm Seti after we resurrected her a second time in order to get her to help us make this item. We have made this piece by infusing a few drops of Omm Seti's living blood into it. This item allows your body to through a mock death, which is actually just a deep state of meditation. You will call upon the spirit or entity whose knowledge you want and when you go into your state of meditation you will be imparted with their knowledge. It does not matter whether this knowledge is of an Egyptian deity or king or whether you want of knowledge of an ancient Asia Emperor, or if you want to call upon the infamous vampire Vladimir Tepes. Whomever you call upon will impart you with their full knowledge, so that way when you wake up, it will be as if their soul has become your soul, even though you still be you. Basically, their knowledge will go on living because they have given it to you. This is not a replacement of a soul like what happened to Dorothy Eady, but it follows the same kind of "death and rebirth" cycle through a mock death and a rebirth of whatever kind of knowledge that you choose since you're choosing the entity who is imparting their knowledge to you.

Listen, you can use this piece more than once. Maybe there are two, three, or a number of ancient entities or souls whose knowledge you want to acquire. You can use this piece to acquire it, because it's more than just a once and done. It's an over and over and over type of piece; and I guarantee that once you realize what kind of power that this piece can bring you, you most likely will not want to ever stop using it. The power abounds, quite literally.

This piece is made out of sterling silver and very, very good ruby that has been infused with the blood of Omm Seti.  This magic is crazy powerful.  Trust me when I say that you want this one!!

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