Blood Ritual Magic
Blood Ritual Magic

Blood Ritual Magic

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Deedee was given this piece on the Vampire Farm It was given to by a vampire that we called Mack. There are some vampires that I have seen and then there are some that I have not. Mack is one of the vampires that I believe everybody has seen I could be wrong about that, but I don't think I am. The reason for this is that Mack is thousands of years old and almost all of the other vampires on the farm are hundreds of years old. Even though he's not technically supposed to show people his true form, as a condition of living on the farm, he doesn't really care what others say. For one, he is stronger than they are, who's going to them? Number two, he is Irish and Irishmen tend to be particularly stubborn, even the Irish vampires. So, yeah, as I said, I think everyone has had a run-in or two with Mack. He strays from the farm sometime, but they all do at some time. The important part is that the humans, at least not the ones that are going to try to run them out, have not found out about them yet. I doubt they will.

Either way, Mack gave this to Deedee and told her that it was some kind of blood ritual piece. According to him, he got it when he was visiting Ireland a few years back. He actually got it from a person that we call a vampire poacher. These are people that hunt down vampires for the purpose of stealing their soul and their energies. There's a lot of these in Europe, but mack is a Psionic Vampire and reads the minds of people who are literally countries away. He already knew they were trying to do him in before they attempted to. He simply drained them of their energies and the poachers were no match for his strength. He fed on them of course, and he took this necklace that he said belonged to a spitfire little blonde chick called Mona. Of course, she's dead now. He had her for lunch, but he said this is the piece that her strength and agility.

After fully examining this piece, we have come to the conclusion that this piece is a blood ritual piece. There is no telling who originally made this or how old it is because the shape of the piece can shift at will to keep up with the times. Essentially, this piece holds an imprint of every type of blood there is. Vampire blood, werewolf blood, fairy blood, human blood, lycan blood, mermaid blood, siren blood, alien blood, so on and so forth. It holds literally every blood type. Not only does this piece grant you basic superhuman features such as strength, agility, speed, psionic powers, psychic powers, etc, but it will also take the place of the blood that you need when performing blood rituals. This opens up a whole new world for you. There a ton of powers that you can gain through rituals if you could only get your hands on vampire blood, or werewolf blood. It will allow you to cast blood spells. It will even allow you to perform blood alchemy and sorcery. This is literally an all-encompassing blood ritual magic piece. They are extremely rare to come by. Mack gave it to us because as he put it, "I'm a vampire, what might I need the blood of another for? I've no need, lassie."

That doesn't mean that you can't enjoy this piece or enjoy it as you see fit. It is a very powerful piece, indeed.

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