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The bloodline of the cunning are those who came from Cain. Sounds terrible doesn't it? I guess it all depends on how you use it. The Truth of the circle is what Lucifer gave to man, it remains hidden yet available for those able to take from it. The truth is the truth. This means all things you can't see or have a block from. Blockages can come from various causes, past lives, trauma, or even a entity or person who felt they needed to neutralize your natural power. If you were neutralized it was because someone feared you and you are a hidden power source.


Should you have a blockage and get it removed then combine it with this dual magic..... I'm thinking spectacular? I'm thinking you will be a powerhouse of pure magic. Now let's combine that with the Truth of the circle. Some may not know what that is. The Truth of the circle is how everything, material and living was created including its own magical abilities. It gives truth to the questions you have on everything. 


You may ask is this evil or dark? That is up to what you do with it. So this is your choice, white, dark or dual. In life you have choices, in magic you have infinity.


Why is this item so inexpensive? This item is inexpensive because the power was created from the original source. You may find the original source on my website but that's a heck of a lot more money. The vessel this power is placed in is costume jewelry, not the original antique. All items have been tested. This piece is powerful, please know your magic and psychological limitations.

There are more of these, just ask.

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