Book of Forbidden Magic:  A Clean Sweep for All Evil
Book of Forbidden Magic:  A Clean Sweep for All Evil

Book of Forbidden Magic: A Clean Sweep for All Evil

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Before we can bless the original piece with the tassel that unfortunately sold. This piece is one that call the exact same magic and does the exact same thing.



We have a book that we found during an investigation a few years back. As you all know there is a pyramid in Bucks County, PA. I forget what the supposed purpose of the pyramid is, but we went on an investigation there once or twice (okay maybe more) using pieces that made us entirely invisible.  


During one of our visits to the pyramid, we came across a chamber with a book that was kept behind glass. On the front of it was a double-helix serpent and below that there was something written in Hebrew. We did not take the book itself, but we did take the book out of the casing to have a look-see.


It turns out that the book is full of these manuscripts that are called the Forbidden Books of Jewish Magic. I can't quite remember how this was phrased in Hebrew, but basically, the book is a collection of documents that were so holy and so magical that they were forbidden to be circulated in the general population. Only the most powerful and learned priests were able to access the documents.  


So, we took this knowledge put it in energetic form, and then placed it into an item. That item will eventually be for sale, but it is not yet for sale, as we are still working with it to make other items with it. When that item goes on the website, it will be an expensive item. This is why we are making a few cheaper items by targeting what we can do with the original piece before offering the whole thing.  


This piece has been made with a tassel on it and that is symbolic of the power that this piece gives you. It holds the powers of The archangel Micahel, the warrior angel of God. He is the one that defeated Satan and cast him into the Lake of Fire.  


When you wear this piece, Michael will sweep the evil out of your life. Whether these are evil entities, dark thoughts, dark energies, negative influences, or something else, Michael will come in and he will sweep them right out of your life. Again, it is symbolized by the tassel.  


This piece will also go on and give you the ability to speak with the authority of God, so you can sweep the evil and darkness out of others' lives. Not only will you be speaking with the authority of God, but you will fight with power and Saint Michael. What other army could you possibly need?


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