Book of the Unholy Trinity
Book of the Unholy Trinity
Book of the Unholy Trinity

Book of the Unholy Trinity

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I think it was Sir Isaac Newton that once wrote that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  He was quite the philosopher and he must have been a very intelligent man.  Perhaps some will view is simply as common sense, but when you really consider what was being said when he uttered these words, you will begin to see that it makes more sense than face value.  If you really dig down deep, you will begin to notice that not only does Newton's Third Law apply to physical properties of the world, but it is perfectly applicable to the spiritual aspects of this world as well.  For every force that you experience in this existence, there is an equal an opposite force that exists for the sole purpose of balancing out those things that we know to be constant.  It is the simple theory behind the Chinese yin and yang, or even more basically, the theory behind good versus evil.  For every day there is a night.  For every beginning there is an end.  

The cycle of equal and opposite reactions is one that is necessary for the sustenance for existence as we know it.  Even something as basic as humans breath in the oxygen given off by plants and they need the carbon dioxide that we breath.  On a spiritual level, for everything good there has be something good that comes from it and vice verse.  This is why the rebellion in Heaven was necessary.  It is impossible for all things to exist in light, or as a light force.  There must be a negative force to make the light force meaningful.  This is why Lucifer needed to rise up against God, so that way God could punish him.  That way, there would be a driving evil force that makes striving for the white light aspects of existence extra meaningful.  Then, there are those who strive for the darker part of existence, who do not necessarily enjoy living in the light.  It is all part of the grand plan; of this, I can assure you.  

In the mid 1940s, amid scares that the world was being taken over by aliens, I was working on something that was more profound.  Perhaps it was just more profound to me, because it is something I take very personally.  Despite the fact that my life is filled with magic and I am an immortal, I have a deep sense of loyalty to God and the fact that one day I will return to the Heaven from whence I came.  This is why when I can work with religious magic, I do.  It is rare that you find something that is more powerful.  The reasoning behind us is that God created us, so why would he not know all of the secrets that they world has to offer?  Why would he not know all the secrets to all the magic ever made.   If this is true, then according to Newton's logic, there must be an all powerful source of dark magic as well.  There is and this is what I stumbled upon.

The fact that I stumbled upon this source of eternal magic is completely by chance.  I had not even considered searching for the book that I found.  I was just simply given the chance to gain access to a secret underground vault of magic that is an operation run by the Vatican and the Holy See.  The only people that are usually let into this vault are top level cardinals and the Pope.  It contains a vast amount of magic and information that the Vatican refuses to be released to the public, for better or worse.  Personally, I came into contact with a top level cardinal who asked that he not be identified because he does not want his cover blown.  I will tell you right now, he is a modern day Judas Iscariot.  He is a wolf in sheep's clothing, but there are many of those that practice at the Vatican.  It does not bother me to tell you that I bribed him heavily to let me in.  These false prophets of the church are in existence to fulfill the Biblical prophecy that in the End of Times there will be false prophets all over the place.  They are not THEE false prophet, but just like Jesus had disciples, so does the Antichrist.  He deploys these apocryphal individuals in high level religious posts, so that way they can cause dissent and confusion among believers. 

As I was saying, I was able to bribe this particular cardinal into allowing me to gain entrance into the secret vault.  It was not just a secret archive like the others are.  Rather, this one was literally a vault that was hidden down a secret corridor that branched off of one of the main hubs of the secret archives.  In the vault was the book that is called the Red Dragon, which is also called Grand Grimoire.  Like I said for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction. God has the Bible, so this is the book of Satan.  It is Satan's "Bible" if you will, similar to the way Muslims have the Koran and Jews have the Torah.  

The Grand Grimoire was discovered in 1750 in the Tomb of Solomon in Jerusalem. I have reiterated this point several times before.  Solomon was a wise man and later in his life he was a devout man of God.  When he was a younger man, though, Solomon had a deep fascination with magic and the occult.  It does not come as a surprise that the Grand Grimoire was found in his tomb.  In fact, I do not think that there is a more appropriate place it could have been found.  I will tell you this much.  The Grand Grimoire is a book that I had spent the better part of seven years searching for, not because I am into dark arts myself.  Rather, the book is the direct opposite of the Bible and the Book of Life.  It holds just as much powers and even some of the same powers.  The difference is that it is told by those venerate Satan as the commander.  In most cases this is because they view Satan as a source of enlightenment.  He was once the grandest angel in all of Heaven and just because he fell from Heaven does not mean that he lost all of his knowledge.  It simply means that he had to regroup and use it in a different way.  This is why his number is 666 and not 7.  In Hebrew text the perfect number is 7.  Satan is 666, because he is so close to being a 7, but he will always be just that smidgen away.  God's love and white light will always prevail, but the Devil and his angels will try like Hell to rewrite the course of history.  I cannot happen though, because God's victory has already been inevitably written.  

The book called the Red Dragon was discovered in 1750, as I was telling you.  Since 1750, when the book was discovered, the Vatican has had no interest of hiding its existing, even admitting that they have the book in their secret confines.  They have proclaimed time and time again that the book is not something that they want to meet the eyes of the human race.  Mostly, because they want the power to remain in their hands.  Like I said, Satan cannot change the courses of history.  They have already been written, so it makes sense that it is a power thing, then.  Why else would they want to hide a book that can actually provide a lot more knowledge and truth than what is understood?  Because they are greedy and want the powers to be retained, so only they can use it.  

The Book itself was written in Aramaic by one Honorius of Thebes.  It is uncertain whether thisHonorius of Thebes was the devil himself.  Some think he was the Devil incarnate, just as God created his son to return as the Man-God.  Then there are those that think the Honorius was just a regular man and that he was under possession of the Devil when he wrote the book, kind of like the Christians claim the books of the Bible were written by holy men under the possession of the Holy Ghost.  I do not, myself, particularly believe this; but to each their own, I suppose.  

Honorius may or may not have been the Pope Honorius III, but there is one thing that can be said for certain.  The earliest evidence of the writing in this book back in the 12th century BC; that is the 1100s for those of you who could not figure that out.  He wrote the Sworn Book ofHonorius and this is the book from which the Grand Grimoire was extracted.  Grimoire is a word that has been derived to mean a Book of Magic, all types of magic good, bad, evil, neutral, dual, indifferent.  Therefore, the Grand Grimoire, the Gospel of Satan holds accounts of ALL types of magic, not just evil magic.  It is more of a dual entity that has been written on equal time between the the Unholy Trinity, who are Satan, the Antichrist, the False Prophet.  

I was led down a corridor that was mostly dark, with the exception of torch bearing a flame every few hundred yards or so.  I did not bother to ask how they managed to keep the flame lit, but I can imagine that they were eternal flames, only using the magic of the Grand Grimoire.  The corridor eventually led into a rather large chamber. At first, I found it hard to believe that we were even under the ground.  The chamber was far from humble and boasts mosaics of all sorts, most notably those which had to do with the casting of Lucifer into the eternal lake of fire.  There were several rows of pews and in the front was a pulpit.  Behind the pulpit stood an inverted cross and behind that cross was a glass mosaic of the time when Satan will rise from the pits of Hell to rule over Earth for 1,000 years.  The chamber really looked like more of a cathedral and gathered it was a place that they held a dark mass based on the magic of the Grand Grimoire.  If is was not for the use of dark mass, then the chamber had to have been used for some serious types of rituals.  It crossed my mind several times as we made headway into the chamber, but I did not really ask, because I did not want to look suspicious or appear too excited.  I gathered that these types of behaviors probably would not be deemed acceptable and I had already worked hard to gain the trust of the false prophet who allowed me to have exclusive entry to this highly covert vault.  

I was instructed to sit in one of the pews and as I watched several hooded figures carried a large wooden chest on two poles, similar in fashion to the way the Ark of the Covenant would have been carried.  They stopped in front of me and one of the opened the chest and out came the book.  The book's cover was made out of human skin and bound by human hair.  The words were written on very old parchment and on the center of the front cover was a single eye that was sewn into the book.  As the book was handed to me, the eye opened up and I knew in an instant that this was what was meant by an all seeing eye, that somehow the magic of this book was tied in with the Illuminati and their magic.  As I stood there I could hear the false prophet tell the others to, "Leave him with the book."  Just like that, the robe figures vanished and the man who had led me down the corridor slipped away from the same place he had come.  There I was all alone with the book.  

I stared into the eye of the Grimoire.  In an instant I was given all the knowledge that the Book has ever seen.  I cannot really describe the connect that they eye gave to me, when I stared at it.  Like I said, it was the all-seeing eye and the book was more powerful than I could have ever imagined.  The book put me under a spell of mesmerization.  I could literally feel nothing.  There was no emotion and time stood still.  The only thing that existed in this place was truth, knowledge, and magic.  The magic was neither dark nor was it light.  It just existed, in dual form.  The these things were showed to me like map, whereby everything existed as some point on the map or another.  The best way I can describe it is that it was like a holographic hall of records, with so much magic that it could possibly make your head spin.  When I first developed my own personal connection with the book, I wanted to throw it across the room because the powers in the book are so strong.  Inside the book are traces of every magic ever known to man.  

There are rituals, seances, spells, magical incantations, charms, white magic, dark magic, dual magic.  I seen some very white light things, but I also saw some very grotesque things.  I could see all the locations of different Biblical artifacts, including the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Throne of David.  There was also instructions on other artifacts and those things that would be considered Holy to other religious or ways of life.  There was not a split second of existence that this eye did not allow me to see.  During the experience I was in a state of paralysis, so even if I had wanted to throw the book, there was no turning back once I developed a connection by gazing into the eye that was on the front of the book.  

While there was nobody there, I quickly channeled the energies of the book an artifact that I could then take with me.  I am not really sure if this was permitted, but nobody noticed so I am going to assume that if it was prohibited, I got away with it.  I took the artifact and I have used it many times since then, to guide me in developing different types of magic.  I have also used this piece to guide me to different holy sites and to lead me to other places of power where holy shrines and artifacts of powers were kept.  Now, I want to assure the reader that the piece is not made based off of evil.  I will say that the power in this item and the Grand Grimoire overall, are built upon a dual power that incorporates any and all types of magic whether it is dark magic or white magic.  This is more or less because the knowledge of Lucifer has seen both ends of the spectrum.  It incorporates all of the magic that Lucifer had and his white light knowledge before he rebelled and was kicked out of Heaven.  It also follows him into the pits of Hell, where he experienced all powers dark and not so reputable.  It is literally all-seeing and all-knowing.  Going back to a point I made earlier, this is because it had to counteract the fact that the Bible and Book of Life also incorporate all things and all forms of knowledge, power, and magic.  This is because there has to be a balance of good and evil, of dark and light.  

As for the item, it will give you all the powers that I have described throughout my documented experience with the Grimoire.  It has been written by the Unholy Trinity, under the possession of Lucifer.  It is essentially his Bible, but remember this piece is not evil.  It holds dual magic.  It is not the type of power that you want to play around with.  It is extreme powerful and it is high impact.  It is reserved for those of you who want a very real and very powerful experience.  It is reserved for those of you who want to know it all, every secret and every type of magic that has ever existed.  It is for those of you who want magic that will absolutely blow your mind.  If this is something that you want to experience, then this piece if definitely for you. 

Please look carefully at the piece as it is very old and missing two stones. This does not hinder the power of the piece.


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