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There is so much to say about this one and even the next item coming up. I hope I'm not typing all day!

Here goes. First to use this piece is very easy. You will take the back of it off which you just turn. You will hold that piece in your hand and place a drop if blood on the back. You will let it dry before you use it. You will then turn the dial to 12 noon and allow it to sit until 12 noon the next day. This is your activation on this piece.

This piece is a antique and older then 100 years old. This is a highly active and supernatural piece. I have one more that I'm playing with right now.

The detail on this is like no other with a carefully crafted detail to the skull and images under the hands. The symbols around are all magical and everything does something. The all seeing eye on top is your third eye and the eye of opening to your soul portal in which you will take in all magic.

What is the magic both paranormal and supernatural?


You gain the wealth of the French court.

You gain access to the Holy Soldiers.

You gain access to the 9 knights to attended the 1128 Troyes gathering. These were all very rich bankers that were able to summon Solomons Temple in the Earthly physical. This meant that all magic including supernatural Staff of Birth is available to you. That staff is the device that could birth the Djinn and Earthly angels both good and bad for your usage with your full command. The Troyes gathering of 1128 was a meeting of the hidden and a meeting of the purest of the supernatural. This included the ability to become invisible and rarely do you see that on my website as it is so rare. This meeting also included the ability to transcend mortality and to change the physical being.

You will have all immunities under the papal bulls. At the time this was going on it was different. Today that is modernized. This means you have access to all dark passages as well as light passages into the archives. This is done by Third eye instruction and vision that comes to you as movie. This is the same thing as it was then except it is done by third eye.

No one will hold any power over you including ecclesiastical or secular. This means in a nutshell when SHTF you are totally protected and will be from the day you activate this! This is serious shit! I have no item that offers this anywhere and never have. Other then the other piece I have I doubt I ever will. This was issued in 1139 by Papal bull and in full supernatural ability!

You are given all power of the Sisterhood of Death which is a group even the Templars feared! What does that mean? The Sisterhood of Death held all the power of the Judite Gaonim, Egyptian Atonists and the Culdean Monks of Ireland. This came together as the full power of the rarest Druids to walk the Earth and that power came way before the Templars and the Holy Grail. This power is considered THE ALL.

You also get full access to the murdered magicians who were killed because they KNEW how to use the Holy Grail as the blood chalice it was meant to be. These magicians didn't just know that but offered the invisibility magic as well as the wealth and the deeply hidden occult. To know how to conjure and call the Holy Grail is so easy with this piece. Once you intake that you are beyond any meaning of magical!

The Gaonim magic is freely given to you. This magic is that of the Mystic Brotherhoods.

You will also get the animal beast of the Female Dragon court. This is NOT a dragon but a sacred and immortal unicorn. The Unicorn stands for Sun lords and Princes of Light. This Unicorn gave power to the Judites, Illuminati, Templars and Gaonim. This is a Unicorn the originally lived in the Garden of Eden and was let out with Adam. This information can be found in the lost books of the Bible. 

When it is gone it is gone. Stay tuned for other unusual pieces.

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