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You'd think that I'd be describing something out of a sci-fi-horror book by telling you this, but I can assure you that this really goes on. It seems almost like a conspiracy theory in and of itself, but according to the piece that we've just received from a source in the Pentagon who has spent a lot of time at Area 51, the practice that I'm about to tell you about has been going on for some time. I have no idea if it actually works, but the piece that we have that we are offering for sale works tremendously, so I'm going to say that the people doing it probably have a magic that allows for it to work. I guess it's somewhere along the lines of South American native warriors eating the hearts of their adversaries in order to gain their courage and strength. The thing is for the longest time, governmental dignitaries have been feasting on the brains of people with powers and magic or just specific knowledge that they want to know. I don't think this works without a specific power that these people have come into, but when they digest the brain, they also digest the magic, powers, abilities, and knowledge of the other person. From our source, the things that he has seen make Hannibal Lecter look like a child's bedtime story.

With all of the cult things that I have heard going on lately, like Pizzagate, it comes as no surprise to me that this is going on. In fact, they are abducting people of interest, charging them with "crimes" to take them away to "jail" or just plain killing people off and then creating personal clones to re-release into society. Then we wonder why people we know just "break" one day. They aren't the people we know anymore, that's why. This practice has supposedly been going on since the 1950s, after extraterrestrial entities that were found-- barely surviving-- at Roswell gave the government these secrets in exchange for a safe return home. It's been nothing but a giant dinner party since then, with brain on the menu. Again, there must have been a power that the aliens gave to them that has allowed this ability to occur. I'm not saying you should go out and eat your millionaire neighbor's brain to gain his business savvy, because that wouldn't work. You don't have the power to make it happen. Besides, with this piece you don't have to have the power.

This piece is one that has been being cultivated by the United States Para-military for years. There are other pieces like this one, but this is one of only a few. They have been looking for this coveted jewel, but they will never find it, because we have completely cloaked and masked this piece's existence, even made it look different then when we first got it AND we carefully monitor who is looking at our websites, the same way they monitor people. Either way, this piece allows you to perform what we call a Brain-Scan. This Brain-Scan allows you to scan the brains of those people around you. You will gain all the knowledge, all the power, every single memory and tidbit-- every emotion, every passing thought, every dream, ever reasoning, every mental activity of said person. You will gain any and all powers and abilities they may have. It's not even that you are stealing these things from them. You are creating a genetic snapshot and merging it with your own knowledge. You will now know things you've never known and maybe some things you may not have wanted to know. However, this piece is perfect for obtaining magical abilities from humans-- or entities-- that have magical abilities and you know about it. Or if you know somebody has an ability you don't, you can gain it with this piece. If you want to know if your fiance has been cheating, you can use this piece. If you want to know if somebody is lying to you, you can use this piece. If you want to be able to pass that test, you can use this piece. If you want to know if your friends are being loyal or what other people think of you, you can use this piece. This piece is absolutely phenomenal and can be used for whatever. All this and you didn't even have to eat a brain. What an amenity!! We only have one of these pieces though and there were only ever a few made, so if you want this piece-- and trust me you want it!!-- act now while it's still available. There's still plenty of time to get it before Christmas!

This ring is sterling silver.

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