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What if the oldest city is actually thousands of years older than what is currently believed to be the oldest city in the world? Additionally, if we’re only recently discovering that such a thing exists, who knows what could have been hidden along with it all this time?


Recently we visited a place off the coast of Indian, what is believed to be a sunken city and is said to maybe date back to as early as 9500 BC. Just before having gone down to do our intended exploring, one of our associates had dropped their watch into the water. He had not fastened it properly and it had sunken almost immediately out of sight. It was rather tragic but we didn’t think much of it, figuring we would likely be able to retrieve it while we were diving.


The city itself bears what appear to be man-made structures, alongside which exist artifacts of unknown value. Many of the items that we had seen had been unique and old, as you might imagine, but what had surprised us quite a bit was the fact that they had survived time rather well. For as old as many of the pieces had been, you might expect that some things simply would not have held up it has. Much of the jewelry that we found was timeless, some appearing modern while others appeared older but none seemed quite as old as the city itself would suggest should be down there.


Eventually, I myself had come across the watch that had fallen, which did not appear damaged at first but I soon noticed that the minute hand appeared to be ticking back and forth between twenty-four and twenty-five minutes while the second hand circled the entire clock nonstop. Despite having not been working here for as long as most people, I know better than to just assume something without knowing for certain. I never wear a watch but I knew several other colleagues who did and their watches were doing the exact same thing. One in particular who had a digital watch, the numbers and milliseconds were equally as chaotic.


It didn’t really make much sense but I decided to surface to see if anything changed while at a slight distance from the city. Just before surfacing, however, I noticed something nestled against the paw of a lion sculpture, another piece of jewelry it seemed. Only this one, as I drew nearer to it, I could feel the water surrounding it shifting, almost like a tide. Not wanting to forget about it, I reached forward to take it and the second I pulled the item away from the lion, the light above had begun to fade a little and the shifting in the water had abruptly stopped.


When I broke through the surface, it was almost sunset and the man who had brought us out was furious and yelling at me about oxygen tanks and safety hazards. It made absolutely no sense—my tank was still at a safe amount of oxygen remaining—but the man had expressed that we had been gone for almost six hours since we had dove earlier in the morning. That seemed even more impossible.


I would have run out of oxygen and would have needed to surface hours beforehand. This in mind and curious, I regarded the item that I had found, the one that had caused everything to shift ever so slightly when I had taken it from its place. It seemed to have power within it. What if it was the cause of what had just happened?


We didn’t find anything else like it during our investigation and when we brought it back to test it, it appeared to be a very power item indeed, possessing complete control of time. It naturally manipulates time unless instructed by the holder to not do so. It may quicken time if it sees fit, or it will slow it down to a snails pace. We even discovered that this piece has the ability to temporarily stop time completely.

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