Buruburu | STAR
Buruburu | STAR
Buruburu | STAR
Buruburu | STAR

Buruburu | STAR

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I met a woman while in Georgia when I was visiting a close friend who often helps with investigations or generally stubborn items. I had arrived a day early so I was left alone in an apartment with two old cats, a catatonic iguana, and nothing really to do except stare at the items I had brought with me as though something might just jump out at me. You’d be surprised how often that’s actually worked out for me… Though this time it hadn’t worked in the slightest.


I stepped out of the apartment to get some air at some point. It was late at night, it was a bit cold, but it was quiet—it seemed like a good atmosphere for a short walk to clear my head before getting back to work. The entire time, however, I felt as though someone was watching me. There was a strange chill coursing up and down my spine every other step as well. When the feeling didn’t subside, I decided to simply return home with the intention of turning in for the night.


There was a woman waiting for me at the front door. She appeared to simply be staring at the ground and waiting for someone. I’m not the type to simply talk to people for no reason so I didn’t acknowledge her. As I walked past her, she didn’t move, not even slightly. In all honesty, it was one of the strangest things I have ever seen in my entire life. She hadn’t even seemed to be breathing. Her eyes looked dead and her skin was pale and vaguely chalky.


The feeling only intensified rapidly by the time I got to the elevator—I wouldn’t have been surprised if I had broken the button in my haste to get away from the feeling I was experiencing. When the doors of the elevator had opened, the woman from outside was suddenly standing there but she looked different. Her eyes were not dead looking, her skin appeared healthy, full of life and color, and her aura seemed less chilling.


“Do you see her?” She asked me, gesturing outside where the woman I had past slowly turned to face us, blinking her pearly white eyes at us almost lazily. The woman in the elevator pulled me in and closed the doors before I could answer. “You didn’t speak with her did you?


It turns out, a spirit called a Buruburu had been stalking me, which is a spirit born entirely out of cowardice. It was not a spirit created from anything I had done personally but it was lurking and looking for a new victim to attach to. These spirits are all around and they feed off of fear. They latch onto you and inspire fear and anxiety until the point of hysteria or insanity.


Ever feel the hairs raise on the back of your neck while chills course up and down your spine? That is the one of the many signs that a Buruburu is attached to you and the hairs raising on the back of your neck is the result of their hands touching your skin.


They take any form. This one had been born of the woman who had met me in the elevator. Had I spoken directly to the spirit, the spirit would have attacked me. The woman seemed terrified of this spirit. Despite that, the small inklings of fear and unsettlement that I had experienced along my walk had been enough and the spirit had already begun to lurk outside of the building, waiting for me to leave so it could latch onto me.


When my friend had arrived the next day, we had put time aside to abolish this spirit. Together, we developed this piece. It completely blinds these spirits of your existence and repels them instantly. If you have one attached to you already, this will get rid of it permanently. If you have experienced anything like I have described, this will certainly help you.


We have crossed an astounding number of these over many investigations and we can confirm that it is very easy to get stuck with one of these. You can pick them up from anywhere.


You must wear this piece for 24 hours and then remove it from your person and household completely. You can bury it far away from where you live or you can throw it away but it must be removed from you completely.

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