Caishen in on the Wealth
Caishen in on the Wealth

Caishen in on the Wealth

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If you are looking for wealth, then this is definitely for you.  It has literally been made for the gods.  Well, actually just one god, called Caishen.  He is the ancient god of prosperity and wealth.  He is called upon by the Chinese, specifically at New Years Celebrations, in order to grant both prosperity and wealth for the coming year.  

Don't let this fool you, though.  He may grant wealth powers, but when it comes to the holy relics that give him wealth in the first place, he doesn't like to share.  I know this from first-hand experience.  It the ethereal realms he has a very elaborate garden complete with every type of precious stone and metal that you can think of.  It's like a Garden of Eden, only its the garden where he holds all of his wealth relics and from where all of the wealth power that he grants comes from.  

His Garden of Wealth is guarded by the black tigers, the same one that he rides in the mortal realms when he likes to make pomp and circumstance.  He is a gaudy god, but I guess that's what makes him the best guardian of ethereal wealth.  Either way, he entrusts his wealth to these black tiger guardians.  Sometimes they wear the wealth relics, which is how we got this one.  I got it while I was on an astral travel, if you haven't picked up on that already. 

I can tell you that subduing the black tiger wasn't an easy feat, so this piece should be especially treasured.  I worked hard for it.  It will bring you solid, extreme wealth, though.  It does this throughout every area of your life.  Once you start wearing this piece you will notice the wealth begin to trickle into your life. 

The more you use it, the more activated the piece will become.  Think of it like turning on a faucet.  It won't be long before the wealth becomes a steady stream-- eventually turning into a waterfall.  This wealth is very powerful, so if that is what you need, then this piece is what you want.  

PS-- You don't have to worry about Caishen.  He has so many wealth relics, he isn't going to come looking for this one.  I highly doubt he even noticed that it was missing in the first place.  He's not like those dragons that count their wealth on a daily basis.  He has so much wealth, he could stand to lose some.  Here you go!  

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