Celestial Birthing Magic
Celestial Birthing Magic

Celestial Birthing Magic

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This is a Celestial Birthing piece that is used to raise the gods and goddess that have been laid to rest in the stars and constellations.  It has been created by a coven of white light celestial witches in Europe.  The magic that they have used to create this piece comes directly from sorcerers stone, which allowed them to use alchemy to transform their cosmic energies into this piece.  

If you didn't already know, please allow me to explain.  Each constellation represents a different entity.  It can be either a god, goddess, or celebrated hero of some sort.  Sometimes it can be a monster.  It just depends on the constellation and the story that goes with it.  

This piece allows you to give these entities, whose souls have been laid to rest among the stars, a rebirth.  You can literally choose from any constellation you see fit, but below is a list that you might find interesting.

Orion-- he is the hunger.  Raise him for his courage, strength, speed, and wisdom on all things outdoors.  

Pegasus-- he is a magical winged horse in Greek times.  He will allow astral flight and travel. 

Ares-- he is the God of War and will help you overcome all your obstacles

Taurus-- Who is closely related to Aphrodite and Venus who can bring true love and cast love spells.  

The list goes on.  You will have to do your research, but this piece allows you birth these gods and goddesses in spirit form and to also birth their powers to work on your behalf.  

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