Celestial High Priestess
Celestial High Priestess

Celestial High Priestess

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We haven't talked about it for a while, either on our Youtube shows or in write-ups, but this piece comes from the Middle Earth. If you aren't familiar with the Middle Earth theory, I will give you a short description. There are actually many Middle Earth theories. They all differ as to the origins of the beings that live in Middle Earth, but they are similar in the fact that they agree that there is a race of superior beings that live way beneath the crust of the Earth, in a civilization of civilizations that have adapted to live there. Some of these theories have to do with Nazis, others suggest aliens, still, others suggest that when Atlantis suffered from their Great Deluge that some of them rescinded into Middle Earth and began again. To be honest, just the surface of the Earth is huge.  Think of how much space is beneath! I support more than one theory, only because I have seen the magic that has come from Middle Earth and they aren't always from the same source.
Like this piece, for instance, it holds powers that have been sourced from Middle Earth. These powers are Lemurian and they have been set into this piece by a Lemurian High Priestess. In Short, Lemuria is a lost continent kind of like Atlantis, but not as popular or talked about. It was a continent that existed in the Pacific Island rather than the Atlantic Island, but it too suffered the same ill as it's sister civilization. The people who lived here were of ancient descent and were as enlightened as the Atlanteans were, but I'll be honest there weren't as many of them and they were more reclusive. The Atlanteans offered knowledge freely, the Lemurians were more of an "every man for himself" type of civilizations. So, to be honest, it's lucky that we even have this piece at all. We got this piece from an investigation that we were on in California, specifically Mt. Shasta. There are many supernatural things that go on there and we wanted to scope them out for ourselves. We were able to find the so-called "fabled" Middle Arch, which is a fancy name a passageway that leads to Middle Earth.

Things in Middle Earth weren't the same at all. Everything was an orange haze and the beings that lived there were also orangeish. They weren't like the Atlanteans in their appearance whatsoever, but they were humanoid and the energies they exhibited were beyond words. There were strange and antiquated like they legitimately haven't seen the outside world in thousands of years. They were all immortal and of course, they were all very well versed in magic. The most powerful of these beings that we encountered was called the Celestial High Priest. I know that it seems like this would be nearly impossible, but consider the fact that stellar and celestial energy enter the world via a systemic map of ley lines that was set into Earth at its creation, it makes total sense that they are able to access this energy. They might not see the stars anymore, but they collect their powers from the leylines and they are able to use them for many things. In fact, the sole responsibility of the High Priestess of the Stars is to use her body as a vessel for the celestial energies and then to create the magic that the civilization needs. The civilization has consisted of the same beings for 1000s of years now and they only give birth to a new one through a process called duplication every 100 years in an effort to control the Lemurian population.

So, what I am saying is that this piece was hand-crafted by the Lemurian Celestial High Priest during a Celestial Ritual and given to us to take with us. Why she was so giving during our stay I'm not sure. Maybe it's because she sensed we were merely curious folks on a mission and not there to exploit them for their powers. I don't know. The fact is that we got the piece and it is very possible. This piece allows you to collect the celestial energies that enter Earth and pool them in your body. As you do this, you will be able to use these energies to create the powers that you want. There are no directions with this piece, as we were given no direction, either. When the times comes, you will know and this is what we found out while we were using this piece. It is a different experience for each person who uses it. However, when the time comes, you WILL know and you will be able to craft the powers that you crave using the celestial energies that will be attracted to you like a magnet.

This piece is costume, but we are putting it on for $150.  This is because what you are getting is extremely powerful and can be put transferred into any other piece that you want it to be transferred into using a charging box.  

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