CHILDREN AND THE BOOK OF TIME ( underground auction)

CHILDREN AND THE BOOK OF TIME ( underground auction)

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Blow this picture up and take a very close look at it. This shows two hands reaching for each other, one human and one God. Above that is the Trinity and above that is the all seeing eye. Below and to the right is a cave and a book. Two children are coming out of the cave a girl and boy. Below that is a rolled up reed. This entire watch that is antique, worth a lot of money and works. This comes with two keys that fit into the back of it when you open it to one wind it and the other to set the time. The chain that it is on it is old as well but not original to that watch and those skulls are all in sterling. The skulls themselves have meaning and were attached for good reason. They are a chain of spells that are considered perpetual care.

 What is this watch? This is one I didn't think I would be able to get at the auction but I did. I had planned to get it and was serious about it but you just never know.

With each winding of the watch you are entering into a few things. These will be listed and explained.

The mask of Christ.

Illumination of worlds.

The great time confusion.

The buried book.

First we will begin with the Mask of Christ. This is a ability to see Christ when he takes a body for brief times and allows you to meet with him and see him in another. While this might not sound exciting it really is because you get touched each time and each time you are granted light. This light is the power that must build up. This power was decided before time began and a secret not ever printed in the Bible or even any tablets.

The illumination of Worlds is the coming together of all power and abilities held by both angelic beings and those of greater understanding in various places of space. When you want to research this you would look up angels and planets.

The great time confusion is all about deciphering the tangible that is unseen. This means those that play around with our universe and dimensions and take or make things can now be yours.

The most important one is the buried book!!! This is why you would want this piece! The buried book is what the art on the watch is showing you. It is showing you two children coming out of the cave. The children stand for young and learning or knowing of nothing, like you. The cave shows how they were in darkness and the reed is learning. The book is the hidden book of knowledge both magical and forbidden except to those who have found it. In this watch you have found it. With the turning of the watch you are turning your spirit to open to knowledge. From the time you open the back YOU open. You wind the watch and you begin to have understanding and visitation of greater beings that teach and not just guide but actually teach you all things supernatural and magical. There is not just teaching of the hidden but the implementation of infused magic using the energy or ancient blood and blood rites.

What does this tell you and teach you? You will learn that you are better then and looked at as gifted, not the angels. You find that hard to believe? Well it is true. The angels will answer to you. You learn that who ever has this piece is taught the magic and given the power of the angels, all angels. These angels are more powerful then anything else you can hold or have. They are the watchers and the teachers, those who are given the ultimate power. Most times we have cast them aside for things like Djinn or other spirits when you never understood the angelic realm to begin with. You never understood because you never had the ability to see the true power. Now you will. You represent those children coming out of the darkness into the light to become fully powerful in your supernatural way, you become that part of the trinity.

You learn how to heal. You learn how to change time in a way that no one knows but where you get the outcome you wanted. You learn you can sit with God or Satan if you so wish and learn or be tempted. There is always a choice and the choices are always yours. You may rise to the Heavens to view or look up to have answers you are seeking. You may create miracles and cause them. You may take bad water into good and lay your hands on people to cure or fix them. You will gain the power of God a being that is so powerful he can create human beings and living creatures. You may find this to be impossible but it happens every day in ways you don't see because you can't do it. You will protect your children and give them greater understanding. You will protect yourself  and your family from bad times and violence. You will understand all evil and be able to battle it. You will have access to the hidden book and become illuminated.

You may ask me does this mean I will have what I want in wealth or material possessions. Yes you will because you won't be asking for it like you would a djinn you will be saying it is yours and getting it.

The skulls all hold something different from enlightenment, wealth, purity in love, healing, knowledge with full understanding, speaking to other species,full protection, understanding of languages, discernment and full on psychic ability.



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