Cholula's Mechanism

Cholula's Mechanism

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The Great Pyramid of Cholula is the largest pyramid on Earth when measured by volume coming in at just under 4.5 million square meters.  The thing is colossal, which means that there is room for a lot of uncertainties in the pyramid.  Despite the fact that archaeologists think they have a pretty good handle on the ins and outs of this pyramid, they really don't.  In fact, that could be further from the truth.  I have yet to find a scientist of any kind that can attest to the powers of an anomaly called Cholula's Mechanism, but it sure does exist.

It exists in a secret part of the pyramid, in a chamber that only opens up when it is illuminated just right by the moonlight.  Inside this chamber is a mechanism, a piece of ancient alien technology that was brought to the Earth as a gift for the Mayans.  The mechanism allows them to travel anywhere in time or space, including the afterlife, Heaven, Hell, or any other infinite number of dimensions that exist within our universe.  

We had somebody travel to the temple on our behalf and make this piece.  This piece holds the energies of the ancient mechanism.  When you wear it you will also be able to travel-- in astral form-- to anywhere along the space-time continuum (or reality) that you wish to travel.  This is how the Mayans were able to develop their long and short count calendars and how they were able to predict the new age of enlightenment that we are now experiencing.  The best part about using this piece is that it is able to absorb essences and will carry with it a blueprint to recreate the magic that you encounter while wearing it.   You will do this through mental projection. 

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