Christ the Globetrotter
Christ the Globetrotter
Christ the Globetrotter

Christ the Globetrotter

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Many questions about where Jesus went after his resurrection, have been circulating since the day he rose from his tomb. Many countries claim that he spent the rest of his days there and had children with natives of their lands. Egypt, England, and Japan all claim these same stories. There are legends of Jesus visiting America and Tibet. But how can we know which are truths? Did Jesus really travel to all of these places or to none of them? 

We have investigated these claims for years… England claimed Jesus went there and fathered royal children. This sounds an awful lot like some royal ploy to make followers think that the crown has some sort of religious rule over them. If you thought Jesus’s children were ruling your country you would certainly be apt to follow their lead. I don’t think Jesus, the Savior of Jerusalem, would be marrying a European Princess. Let’s be honest, Jesus was a Jew and he wasn’t light-skinned! I doubt a white English princess was gonna marry a man of dark skin in those years. DEBUNKED

Japan has pretty much the same tales. Jesus traveled to Japan and decided to settle down with a Japanese wife. There is nothing else to this story other than small time legends. The Japanese didn't even try to use this to increase their control like the English did. Again this doesn’t exactly sound like the Messiah.
However there are some promising stories coming from Tibet and Nepal. Not just stories though, these are secrets. Monks actually tried to cover up their legends. They locked their doors to visitors after one traveler left their Hemis monastery and told people he saw ancient scrolls telling of how Jesus had visited them and stayed and meditated for lengths of time in the Himalayan mountains and spent many years with Yogis. Never before heard of before 1887… Unlike all the other legends and stories this was kept a secret- we had to ask ourselves why they wouldn’t want anyone to know that. 

The Russian Traveler that retold of his stories was named Nicholas Notovitch and he had nothing to gain from telling people what the Tibetan monks had showed him while in their temple. He claimed they seemed genuine and were compiled from several texts. Nicholas was basically eaten alive by archeologists and historians alike. They claimed that it was completely untrue and he likely never visited the monastery at all.

Shortly after, travelers and archaeologists started showing up at the monastery to question and examine the scrolls Nicholas claimed he saw. They slammed their doors on them and denied that Nicholas was ever there. Even though they denied his visit many things aligned with what he had described about the place. Things he couldn’t have known unless he had in fact visited and been shown inside of the monastery. Notovitch hadn’t even tried to claim the scrolls dated back to Jesus’s time. He was honest about saying they were duplicates and made possibly 200 years after Christ’s resurrection, copied from scrolls kept in Lhasa library.

It wasn’t until 1922- nearly 36 years later an Indian scholar and swami Abhenanda finally gained their trust and was eventually allowed to view the same scrolls that Notovitch had seen. He verified his entire story but claimed the scrolls were written in a language that hadn’t been created yet when Jesus was around. A curious point people seem to ignore when they hear this is that in the Bible God's children, and grandchildren lived hundreds of years. The Bible claimed that Adam lived nearly a thousand years! So if Jesus was directly from his line as Adam had been maybe he lived as long as Adam had or maybe only half… This means Jesus could have been around for a long long time after the resurrection! 

Even after being verified many claimed it was all fake and it was some sick ploy to make Jesus out to be a Buddha follower. Maybe Buddha learned from Jesus? He was there around that time, he studied at the monastery and they kept those secrets for a long time. Why keep a secret that was unimportant? Why keep a secret that wasn’t real? Why try to hide it if it wasn’t true. 

Another odd part of this story is how the people of the area ignored his very existence. The only people who apparently know about these accounts are the scroll keepers themselves. Why keep a fake secret about a man that nobody in the area even believed was real? The facts and fictions surrounding this odd story piles around us in uniform shapes. Jesus was in Tibet, he visited monasteries and possibly even knew Buddha. Many of Buddha's teachings happen to link up with things Jesus said or the Bible taught. Sure India wants to claim that Buddha taught Jesus but we think it was the other way around.

Obviously, after all our physical research we had to delve deeper into this mystery. We enlisted the help of a white light time traveling witch. We also used a portal piece I had been holding onto for a long time. So we portaled to this monastery and found it was completely abandoned. Now it shouldn’t have been, many people visit this place every day. Steve looked around in wonder and I’m sure he was glad he didn’t have to take the steps to the monastery. I asked Cassandra, one of our white lighting witches, where everyone was. She looked at me for a second and closed her eyes. 

She told me they were here but we were in a slightly different dimension. So they couldn’t see us and we couldn’t see them. This might be better for us anyway. So I asked her to lead us to where they kept these sacred scrolls. She could feel the traces of magic and feel a Christ like sensation surrounding this place. So we followed her through the intricate building until we met an old door with a large old lock adjourning the clasp. Cassandra flicked her hand at it with a smile and Steve gave a laugh, “ I wish everything was that easy.” 

We crept inside the dimly lit room that was filled with dusty old scrolls, loose papers and beautiful tapestry work. I asked Cassandra if she could pinpoint anything specific. She closed her eyes and started to wander around laying her hands across different scrolls and papers. After a few minutes she pulled a single scroll from a pile. Smaller than the others by half but obviously she felt some kind of white light connection to this scroll. She opened her eyes and said that she found it with a smile.

We tried to use a translation piece to read the scroll but it wouldn’t work at all. The scroll was very old and even though our translation device was an ancient djinn something was amiss. So we confronted our djinn. He told us the scroll was protected. It was a fairly new spell, maybe the past 100 years. I asked if he could break it but he said it was more power than he could handle. My personal Djinn which I call Hoser (a story for another time), is extremely strong. I’ve never seen anything he couldn’t handle. Cassandra was at a loss for words at this point. Suddenly she looked at me and her eyes were milky, her blond curls started to float around her face and her clothing turned to a flowing white dress. “ They kept his secrets and trusted few, we had to hide these truths from the world. I cannot tell you what you already know but I can gift this to you instead.” Cassandra's hand started to glow and from it appeared the piece that you see listed. 

Cassandra’s eyes returned to normal and she stared at the new item in her hand. She passed it to me swiftly, “ It’s not for me, I am not meant to have or hold this.” I stared at it for a moment before opening the portal to return home. Upon returning home, we spent many months working with this piece to try to understand the powers in it better. We knew that it wasn't going to be an easy task, so we got to work right away. Again, a lot of people that we sell to, think that things are a cakewalk for us like we just pick up items and they work right away or something. This is true for some pieces, however, for others, this just isn't the case at all. We had to actually work extensively with this piece to even get it to budge. However, when we finally did get it to work, the results were astounding. 

And they still are!! This piece gives you the awakening of Christ’s Conscious. This will allow you to see, know, and feel everything that he did during his mortal life on Earth. It will give you his energies and his knowledge and even an ascension that will allow you to join the ranks of the Ascended Masters and the White Light Brotherhood. This will give you the knowledge of Jesus' secret teachings. These include ancient manifestation techniques that will allow you to manifest your own magic, including white light healing and miracles that can be performed on Earth. It also includes other white light power, including an ability that will allow you to see through the eyes of God. This will take you back to the beginning of Time and allow you to exist in the Akashic Hall of Records where a log of all the magic that has ever been created has been registered for all of time. YOu will be able of this magic, as once you visit the Akashic Hall of records, it becomes part of your genetic code!! How cool is that? You will literally get to experience the same power and magic that God has been using since the creation of the universe!

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