Church of Vampires | ADDED-NO MORE
Church of Vampires | ADDED-NO MORE
Church of Vampires | ADDED-NO MORE
Church of Vampires | ADDED-NO MORE

Church of Vampires | ADDED-NO MORE

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The Church of Vampires is a very ancient foundation that, though it still exists today, is extremely diluted and lacks the merit it once had. It's glory really lies in the past. They were actual vampires that existed through the ages by feigning the identity of a servant of God. They would reside in Churches or roam as men and women of extreme faith to avoid being identified as vampires because during this time, it was largely believed that vampires were birthlings of Lucifer. That being said, not all of these vampires were evil and not all were pretending. It was very possible and it remains possible to be a vampire and religious. However, in many points of history, vampires, witches and other creatures of the supernatural were rejected due to exhibiting power or magic, meant embodying a demon of some kind.

Humans were even more ignorant and rejecting of the concept of possessing magic. Nowadays, people may look at you a little funny, you may end up on a TV show or, if you act crazy, in a padded room but... back then, you may just get burned alive instead. Due to this, there were a lot of secret societies like the Church of Vampires. It was necessary and, for some, the only way to survive.

The Church of Vampires was established before but thrived in 14th century Europe, during the Black Death. They were into very dark magic and their methods of acquiring power were both cruel and heartless. They fed heavily off of the plague, using the desperation created from it to acquire a large amount of their magic. The thing about the Black Death was that it was of supernatural nature and it could be felt by all things supernatural - the plague was one large death ritual. The specifics of who created it are for another time but the fact of the matter is, the Black Death only targeted the lives of lesser creatures. That being said, a trendy belief among dark occultists was that humans were lesser creatures, similar to cattle. The reason for this being that a lot of magic, some of the most powerful kind, doesn't come cheap. Some of it works off of an eye-for-an-eye concept, which usually means an one or more innocent lives being taken in exchange for an immense distribution of power.

Souls are almost likes currency in the form of diamonds. They're not the rarest thing on our planet but it both takes a lot of work and drive to go looking for them. Additionally, similarly to diamond ore, it all adds up - the more the better. Search for power is that same formula. The Church of Vampires are a prime example of a society willing to do just about anything for the power promised as well.


When the Black Death first began, the Church of Vampires saw it as an opportunity to conduct a series of gathering rituals. It was gradual at first - especially during the beginning when they didn't know how influential the plague would be. They started off by promising the healthy parents, children, friends or extended family of a loved one that they, under God, could cure whomever they had that was dying from the plague. They would go, usually in groups of 3 or 4, to collect the sick individual and return to the church. They would conduct a ritual with the purpose of priming the soul to become detached with the body and be drawn in. Drawn in to what, you may ask? It was different a lot of the time depending on who was conducting the ritual.

The soul - sometimes multiple depending on how many they could discretely gather - could be ingested and it could empower the vampire of choice with more magic or energy. Other times, it could be fed into a vessel of power to amplify its magic-output. Sometimes, it could be used to sustain immortality. Alternatively, in a conjuring ritual, it could be used to feed an entity from whom the vampires might have wanted to inherit magic, powers or something else of value from.

When the Black Death got worse, when it became less and less necessary to tip toe around or manipulate the weak minds of those losing their loved ones to the plague, it became possible for the Church of Vampires - and many other supernatural societies - to gain a whole lot of bang for a minimal of effort. It was a lot like money just lying around on the floor in excess except there was so much power to be pulled from it. There was so much to gain that, especially during the Black Death, it was considered, as far as supernatural history goes, one of the riches eras to ever come to pass. Power was so abundant that some of the vessels of magic pulled from the middle ages could be lethal if they came in contact with a human for because of the sole fact that human bodies are not designed to handle such an influx of magical energy.

That is almost the exact case with this piece, however it is not lethal. The reason for this is because the power is one that is designed to transform and borderline recruit and individual into the supernatural realm. The reason it was created was because it was known that the Black Death would come to pass. It would not abolish mankind and there would come a time when supernatural creatures or the magically inclined would have to hide against. This piece was designed to counteract that by bestowing magic, almost as a way to unveil those who may be blinded.

It inspires a chain reaction that begins with a complete unveiling, which will allow you to pick up on supernatural signatures easily. You will then experience a rapid opening of your third eye. It will likely be a little overwhelming at first because you will experience an onslaught of things you've never known before but it is also something that you will adapt to quickly as well. You will be placed into your natural supernatural state, the exact one that you would be in if magic was not diluted by oppressive genes within your bloodline. Keep in mind that this is also very much so a vampire item. You will see alternations in your body as well, specific to vampires. You will not become sensitive to sun or crave blood but there are other things that you will crave for the purpose of sustaining and or increasing your magic. It usually comes in the form of hunger for energy or power. However, this item will also help sustain that form you as it will feed off of your own dormant magic and, as it is unveiled, your thirst for it will decreased, stabilize and eventually be eliminated altogether. This is mostly a brief phase to this item but it is a little draining while it does occur. However, it comes and goes by the time it takes for your third eye to awaken completely. By then, your tether with natural forms of magic, power and energy will be the sources you can pull from your generate your own power. From there, anything is possible.

You have complete control over your own supernatural signature, which is essentially the ability to do and become almost anything you desire. You can appear in two places at once. You can project yourself from your physical form, travel wherever you choose, whether it be another realm, continent or the house next door, and you can watch over it. You can extend your mind and experienced vivid visions from the past - we highly recommend during the time when this piece was created - present and or future. You can manipulate minds to become persuaded in your favor in the most subtle of ways; they will not know that anyone is in their head much less manipulating their free will. This piece, though powerful, produces magic that is meant to be, much like the Church of Vampires, subtle. That is probably what makes it most useful and powerful. It cannot be traced and the untraceable cannot be countered.


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