Cinnabar Dragon
Cinnabar Dragon

Cinnabar Dragon

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This piece is made from Cinnabar, which an extremely powerful mystical powder. Usually, this powder produced by a volcano and/or hot spring activity, having been created by the heat that comes from the center of the Earth, which just so happens to be the crown chakra of the planet.

There are other ways cinnabar can be created as well, such as the way the cinnabar that has gone into making this piece has been created. It has been created using the flame of a fire-breathing dragon. This dragon was given to us during an exchange of magic that we did with an extremely powerful, ancient Chinese sorcerer. He has around since the Ming Dynasty and has overseen multiples courts of royal magicians. They are the ones that do magic for the king.

As you can imagine his magic is very powerful-- so powerful, in fact, that we decided that we were going to test the piece that he gave us in a cave. The dragon came out to us right way, breathing fire on the wall of the cave that we were in. It wasn't hard to find an abandoned cave, either. I live in PA. Just in case you were wondering.

Deedee eventually got the dragon under control. She has a way with animals that I will never understand. I mean, if you watch the Youtube videos, you can see the geese she has honking around her backyard! A dragon is an animal, so leave it to her to figure that one out, eh? Meanwhile, I collected the ashes from the molten lava that the dragon's fire had created. We called up the sorcerer, he helped us form this piece from the ashes. Badabing, badaboom, this piece was created.

This piece is created not only with cinnabar powder, but also a few drops of the dragon's blood, that Deedee coaxed out of him. The result is that this piece summons forth an extremely powerful cinnabar dragon who brings astounding wealth. We created this dragon to be docile, which is why we needed the blood from the previous dragon. You can think of this dragon as his offspring.

When you use this piece you not only gain the extreme wealth of the dragon, but you also gain the properties of the mystical cinnabar. These are positive and negative energies. You can use it to do white light healing. Or, you can project positive vibes into the lives of your self and others which will bring about luck and good fortune. You can also use it to project negative energy toward those you don't like, which will make their lives living hell on Earth.

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