Circle of 12 Pharaohs, Youtube
Circle of 12 Pharaohs, Youtube

Circle of 12 Pharaohs, Youtube

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This is a must-see video.  I have attached the original documentation with it, but in order to gain a full understanding of how this piece will change and improve your life, including the 12 ancient powers that the Pharaohs give you, you need to watch the video.  It's a classic!!  Here's the link for Youtube:

This is a modern piece that was made by an immortal Egyptian Sorcerer.  He drew the powers in this piece from an obelisk that was found a removed from the lost city of Tjenu.  Tjenu was the first capital city of Egypt thousands of years ago.  It was lost to the annals of time, but when scientists rediscovered the city they also awakened something that had been sleeping for as many years.  This is the Circle of Pharaohs.  
These are not Pharaohs as in the type that once ruled in Egypt.  They are Pharaohs of magic and they are the ones that dictated magic to the peoples of the ancient world.  This magic they obtained through direct visits with the gods and also through visits with alien species that contacted the Egyptian people in ancient times.  Their magic is what inspired Khufu to order the construction of the pyramids in the first place and how he was able to make contact with the extraterrestrials for help in doing so.  
There are twelve pharoahs in the ancient circle.  They are locked in a state of perpetual meditation, holding hands and forming an Ouroboros of magic and knowledge and keeping the energy flow within themselves.  They have been this way ever since Egypt began being attacked by its enemies and one by one the cities were sacked and taken over.  They did this in order to preserve that ancient magic that once thrived within the empire.  
Their presence has been stored into the ancient obelisk from which the immortal sorcerer has drawn the power.  This piece holds the powers and knowledge of the ancient twelve magics that the Circle of Pharaohs held.  The twelve magics are as follows:  
1.)  Necromancy and the ability to raise the dead
2.)  Sorcery and the ability to create your powers
3.)  Alchemy and the ability to change molecular composition of matter
4.)  Wealth. Plain and Simple.  
5.)  The ability to conjure gods and to use their magic.  
6.)  Extraterrestrial communication and the ability to seek their magic
7.)  Stellar magic and the ability to harness the energy of the stars.  
8.)  Cosmic Magic and the ability to control the flow of Cosmic energies
9.)  Blood Ritual Magic and the ability to draw magic from blood
10.) Time Travel and the ability to walk between time as if it never existed.  
11.) Dual Magic Spell Casting and the ability to cast any spell whether white or black magic
12.) Mind Control/Hypnosis and the ability to control another person's thoughts/actions

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