Circle of 8 Archangels

Circle of 8 Archangels

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Tomer gave us this after transferring the powers from the original piece into.  The original piece is still in the Cave of Treasures, because had he taken that original piece it would have put a curse on whoever uses the magic.  However, there’s always a loophole and instead of taking the piece, he took the energies and magic. Voila!! No consequences! Winning.

Anyhow, this piece holds an ancient power that was given by God to Adam and Eve after they fell into temptation and committed the original sin.  He was generous in the magic that he gave them to leave the Garden with. This is just one example of the magic that he gave them.

This piece holds a ring of 8 archangels.  They aren’t the original archangels, they are lesser archangels.  We cannot repeat their names, because they are unknown to humankind other than to Adam and Eve, Tomer, Us, and now you.  When using this piece, the angels will bond with you and will eventually reveal their names.

Each of these 8 archangels holds a power that it is going to give you when you are using this piece.  The list of the 8 Archangels powers follows:

  1. Archangel of Love-- yes, this is the ability to find your one true love in life.  I’m not sure why God gave this to Adam and Eve because after screwing things up for the rest of us, they were pretty much meant for each other.  Despite all that, here is the power-- the power to attract your twin flame!
  2. Wealth-- if was clear that they were booted out with nothing, so this is a wealth energy to help them start over.  
  3. Angelic Communication-- the ability to communicate with angels, at which point you will be able to request their powers.  Depending on what those powers are they may or may not give them to you, but it will still be pretty cool to see an angel “in the flesh” and to be able to connect with them.  I mean it’s kind of the power that facilitates the whole connection with this piece.
  4. Guidepath Archangel-- He comes to you to lead you down the right path in life, to assure that you end up with the future that God has in store for you, full of abundance and happiness
  5. Archangel of Protection-- Enough said.  He does what you think he will do. He rids your life of evil and keeps it away… far, far away.  
  6. Archangel of Angelic Prophecy-- this gives you the secret messages and codes that were written into the Bible.  From simple spells to the raging of the End of Times, this angel gives you the knowledge to know it all!!
  7. Archangel of Obstacles-- although this piece does not allow you to change your future, it will remove all of the roadblocks and bumps in the road along the way.  Nobody likes obstacles or not being successful. This angel eliminates both of those
  8. Archangels of Mysteries-- this Archangels brings with him a knowledge of all Religious Mysteries.  Examples include, “what is the Holy Grail?” “where is the Ark of the Covenant” and “What is the meaning of life, anyway?”  

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