Claircognizance:  The Cosmic Hub
Claircognizance:  The Cosmic Hub

Claircognizance: The Cosmic Hub

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We've all had those "ah-ha" moments in our lie where we know things. There is no reason for it. We have never been educated in those specific areas. However, a certain topic comes up and for some reason or another, we just know what we are talking about. This is different and should not be confused with somebody who just thinks they are right all the time. That is annoying and there nothing spiritual about it.

However, if you have received these little microbursts of information and you just can't figure out what is going on, it is likely that you are experiencing a phenomenon that is known as claircognizance. It is, by very definition, the psychic knowing of information without ever having been taught that information before.

Having said that, I'd like to just take a moment to reflect on the fact that this breakthrough in information, however small it may be, is symbolic of something much more meaningful. Of course, it is a psychic thing, but the information that you are receiving has to come from somewhere. That is what we were put onto. It wasn't the knowledge so much that we cared about, as much as where the knowledge has come from. So, we put together a small group that was experiencing this phenomenon.

The results were astounding. When alone these little breakthroughs in information came every once in a while. When together in the same room, they cam just minutes apart and the experience was much more vivid and the information they received was much more details. We gathered some of the residual energies from the control group and we concentrated it and we amplified it.

The result of our experiment was something that we never saw coming. When using the supercharged item that we had created, we were able to reverse the effect of the claircognizance. Instead of the information coming to us, we were effectively able to travel along the mind path of the information to the point of origination. This point? The Cosmic Center of the Universe. This is also known as the all-seeing eye. It is known as the Cosmic Hub and duplicate forms of every single bit of information and knowledge are stored in this hub. Everything that has ever taken place. All forms of powers, all forms of magic, every scrap of human knowledge. Everything you could possibly ever know or want to know exists with the cosmic hub.
When you wear this piece, it gives you reverse claircognizance. What does this mean? It means that you will be able to pique the mind of the Cosmic Center of the Universe. It means that you have access to all forms of information, all forms of magic, all knowledge, and all powers. All you have to do is close eyes and drift away to the knowledge that you want to obtain and it will become yours. You can drift away to acquire any power. You can drift away to attain any magic. There is unlimited potential in this piece. It is extremely powerful and will definitely make things happen for you!


This piece is done in sterling with multicolored stones.  

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