Clairvoyance in Blue

Clairvoyance in Blue

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Locked into this piece is a series of magical zaps that are going to transform your life forever. The magic is sourced from the Atlantis pyramids. We got this piece while we were astral traveling one time. We were actually testing a piece that was a supposed connection to Atlantis. Needless to say, that piece worked. We have since sold it. However, this is one of the residual pieces that we made off with as a result of being able to travel to Atlantis with this piece.

This piece is a psychic awakening. It's not just a normal psychic awakening. It will give you the typical abilities associated with a psychic awakening such as the ability to communicate with spirits and to see the future and to read other people's minds and to move things with your mind and all that happy stuff. However, this piece also gives you a direct connection to the pyramids of Atlantis, more specifically the capstones. This gives you a leeway into the capstones of other pyramids and it just snowballs from there. Being able to see into the capstone of a pyramid is like being able to see into its mind's eye. It allows you to know the knowledge that has been stored into and to acquire the powers that are present. You wouldn't guess that this piece is that powerful, but it truly is. We call it Clairvoyance in Blue.

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