Cleopatra's Personal Djinn | STAR
Cleopatra's Personal Djinn | STAR
Cleopatra's Personal Djinn | STAR

Cleopatra's Personal Djinn | STAR

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There are many truths to be found in regards to Cleopatra, most of which I'd wage quite a bit betting she'd rather no one ever find out. The first being that she very seldom did much of anything on her on accord, it was all influenced by an outside factor.

She was born into luxury but could not benefit from much of the same luxuries as most Egyptian princesses. For one, she was an extraordinarily hindered child, one that her mother did not reveal right away to the public. In fact, what you may not know is that Cleopatra is almost an entire year older than history would have you believe. She was kept from the public and another child - one that did not actually belong to neither her father, Ptolemy XII Auletes, nor her mother, Cleopatra V.

It took them quite some time but they did eventually find a willing source of power with enough magical capability to help their daughter. Her physical ailments could not be removed completely but they could be veiled so they were not noticeable to any others that looked upon her. The only one that could see Cleopatra's true face was Cleopatra herself upon looking into the a mirror. Because of this, Cleopatra did grow up hating her appearance but was not above using it to her advantage. In fact, she was bold enough to claim to be the reincarnation of Isis, which many believed given both her beauty, voice and instantaneous affect on both men and women.

Anyway, toward the end of Ptolemy XII Auletes's rule, though Cleopatra did rule at his side for some time, he eventually chose to reveal to her the source of his successful reign and where her veil of beauty originated from despite her ailments. He introduced her to he singular and very powerful djinn named Redara who instantly caught her eye as a being she wanted to hold control over, similarly to her father, which is why, naturally, she did not reject when he chose to give it to her. In fact, she did not think twice - her very first command was to make her absolutely and authentically beautiful.

This is the only djinn Cleopatra truly needed. It brought her a different form of love and praise, most of which was inspired by looking upon the new face she had been given by Redara. Though she had a few, she favored this one the most because she brought her all things she valued above all else to her.

Redara granted all things - it is her purpose.

If you wanted everyone to hold you in high regard the, Redara can and will make that happen. If you wanted to never have to do anything again a day in your life, Redara can inspire extreme wealth to manifest from whatever financial status you currently have and cause it to grow immensely over time to the point in which you will eventually not need to work to sustain it. Although, keep in mind that if you chose to work despite the wealth manifesting rapidly, Redara can generate from even more wealth and you will be granted that much more. Just something to think about.

You can choose to enact revenge on those that wronged you - Redara is not even slightly judgemental toward those with a strong thirst for revenge. She wants you to feel fulfilled because the more she can successfully please her master, the more she feels as though she has sustained her purpose. The second she cannot serve you, her purpose is no longer obvious. That being said, she is extremely loyal and easy to communicate with. You can comfortably ask her of anything. Even if you do not currently have anything you desire or you find that she has given you all that you have ever truly wanted, she will remain loyal and at your side as a companion if that is what you wish her to be.

Another thing to keep in mind, as with most djinn, Redara does have a specialized ability, which is transformation. She can inspire the spiritual transformation of any supernatural creature you desire, which will than occur over a period of time that you set. You can have it be gradual or it can be instantaneous. We recommend more gradual transformations to help allow the power to manifest and adapt to your body more naturally but both outcomes are worth being of interest. It is entirely up to you and Redara, in anything that you ask, will never question what you want. She will simply give it to you.

This piece will work for male or female.

This piece is entirely sterling silver and it does contain part of the original sterling silver vessel Cleopatra used.


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