Clinton Mind Control
Clinton Mind Control
Clinton Mind Control

Clinton Mind Control

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This is a piece that is just in.  We have had to take about a week to test this piece, I cannot even begin to describe how effectively it is working.  If mind control and forcing people to submit to your will is something that you have always wanted to accomplish, then this piece is most definitely for you.  

It seems as though Attorney General Loretta Lynch has found herself in hot water with a bipartisan movement following a secret meeting that she had with former President Bill Clinton.  The meeting took place on Loretta Lynch's government plane at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on the taxpayers' dollar.  There are two sides to the story-- well there are actually four if you want to get technical.

The first theory are those that defend Loretta Lynch, saying there is nothing wrong with the fact that she met will Bill.  Then there is the angle that states that she had absolutely no reason meeting with Bill and rejects Loretta Lynch's explanation, which is our next viewpoint.  Loretta Lynch claims that she and Bill were having a friendly meeting and discussed golf and grandkids.  Then, there is the real reason why Lynch and Clinton met in such a impromptu manner.  

Well the first actual reason that she met was she is a Clinton backer, plain and simply put.  She has been suckling on their teets for a while now.  Also, she doesn't want to end up on their body count.  If you don't believe me about the body count, you can look it up, folks-- it's very real.  Then, there is the final reason she was on that plane with Bill (and it wasn't anything Monika Lewinsky-ish, either).  The Clintons were inducting Attorney General Lynch into their elite club of globalists, which also boasts names like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, John Kerry, and other democrats who have bowed to the 21st Century new Clinton-Era demands.  

In going through the motions of initiation rights with AG Lynch, Mr. Clinton gave her an item.  This item, he told her, was for complete mind control.  He bragged about how they have been using technology like this for years to get what they want.  Need gun control for total government takeover?  It's no problem, simply have some people shoot up a bunch of places, create an anti-gun sentiment and then pass what you need to.  If you need to take out an adversary, don't ever get your own hands dirty when you can use this piece to carry it out and the blood falls on somebody else's hands.  You can use this piece to control the minds of record keepers, to alter records to make them say whatever you want.  You can use this piece to rob a bank while forcing the law enforcement officers to look the other way.  You can even use one of these pieces to get the director of the FBI to not recommend an indictment when one is clearly needed.  So, you see-- while I would never defend the current Attorney General, you can see how she had more than enough reason to jump in bed with the Clintons.  

As her gift for becoming part of the coveted liberal elite she received an item.  However, there was a whistleblower and that whistle blower blew louder than ever before.  We caught wind of what the whistleblower had to say.  Using an item we had been testing for a while, we successfully were able to travel to the past, to the exact moment that Loretta underwent her initiation with Bill.  Not only were we able to steal the energies from the piece that was given to Lynch, but we were able to set it into a separate piece.  

The Result?  This piece does mind control unlike any other piece that you've ever seen in your entire life!!  I'm talking about  pure mind manipulation, to where all you have to do is look at the person and think of what action you want them to perform and they will do it.  It doesn't matter whether this is sexually related, you want someone to will all of their money to you, or you want to gain security clearance to a top-secret place where even more magic is hiding.  The possibilities are limitless as long as your creativity is on point.  This is total mind control-- complete dominance of the mind of another.  If this is want you want, then this piece is what you need!!  

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