Collective Cosmic Soul

Collective Cosmic Soul

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Human's don't quite understand the full extent of life. Hidden deep within each of us is the truth of existence. This truth is located in the soul of each of living being and this is because the soul is a replication of the energies and light of the universe. In the universe, there is an unquantifiable number of souls that exist free of bodily forms. They are the source of knowledge and all that is known is because they have made it known. Every time a human body is born one of these souls is reincarnated into flesh and the knowledge of this soul is hidden deep within the subconscious. When you die this soul returns to "heaven" aka space, where it will retake its place as part of a greater and collective cosmic soul.

This piece provides and enlightenment that will set you free. You will be able to access the subconscious part of your brain where the memories of your soul exist. Not only that, through your soul's knowledge you will be able to astrally leave your body and float through the Collective Cosmic Soul, where you can gain the knowledge of anything you want. All you have to do is think about it and when you use this piece to float through the Cosmic Soul, you will gravitate toward that knowledge. This knowledge of the soul will then be added to your own would and will be yours forever. This can be any knowledge just for the sake of having it or the knowledge of any magic or magical ability.

We have 5 of these beautiful opalescent bracelets!  

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