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This sterling silver bracelet was made using the blood of chosen ones as their hearts were ripped from their chests. These magicians were Aztecs who did the rituals on top of the pyramids during certain times. This bracelet was custom made for Anton Lavey who used it to bring beings into the creation of both flesh and spirit.  Most often this was used to bond a spirit or entity to him for his bidding or control. When you study the most important and true of the occult you find that blood matters, it really does. Blood binds you to the spirit or entity you are seeking, have or are conjuring. This is perfection in conjuring. This piece is like no other and can't be duplicated as to who owned or how it was used. This is one of those original pieces that you become THE GOD of your destiny in both life and magic. While I would like to say this is for the more advanced person because something like this usually is, it is not and can be used by anyone with a pulse.

While this piece was used and worked with, given blood by Anton Lavey this was worn by Carole Lansing who was his partner, lover, and mother to his children, some of his children.

What can you do with this and how do you use it?

This will charge and bond anything directly to you for full and total control! You may conjure by simply adding a drop of your blood to it. You may call upon ALL types no matter who they are, Djinn! To call the djinn you will place the ashes of any incense into the center. After the ashes, you would add a drop of blood to the center. The center in this bracelet is open and the outside is showing you Molton fire. The reason this was worn by Lansing was that she was looked at as another whore of Babylon or magical priestess. This bracelet is some very serious magic and not to be taken as just a piece of magic but rather a very powerful tool of the hidden masters.

To call upon other spirits you only need to know the name in which they are called. To conjure and keep them you must again just add your blood to the center, call the name and speak out loud that they now serve a new master and say your name.

Spells and supernatural power is done the same way you would call upon other spirits.

The other supernatural power this holds is the power of the reality matrix. This is when you change time and reality along with history. Every day that you wake up this is going on and has been going on with our government for almost ever! You just don't know it. Your memories are gone and so is what you did at any given time. You are nothing but a lab rat and that is something that Anton knew all along. For once would it not be great to have the control you don't have now? TO be in control of your destiny and no longer a slave to what others want you to do? Even scientists have come out and said this is the case. What reality or dimension do you prefer to live in? This is not that complicated or hard to understand, you are a slave, why continue to be a slave?

While you can do easily all I have listed there are also unknown power that resides in the bracelet and that was given by Anton Lavey himself. It doesn't matter if you like him or not. What matters is the one true fact is that he did practice magic and he did know his shit.

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