Conversations with Anthony

Conversations with Anthony

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With this item you also get a free service. The item is anything we send which sometimes will be picked by Anthony. Please be aware that Anthony can be an asshole. He is here as I type this so he’s aware of what I call him.

Anthony will be the one speaking with you but he’s aware this is serious and he will act accordingly. 

Anthony will give you an hour of his time. You can ask him anything you want and most times he should tell you. 

We have two others we are offering but they won’t start until February when I’m back. You may buy now but the appointment that is made won’t be until February.

During your email or chat conversation you can ask questions you are interested in or ask him for supernatural help. 

Anthony often travels to remote locations where email is the only way to reach him. If this is not acceptable than please do not purchase because we cannot guarantee more than email contact.

Please don’t go crazy! 

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