An Angel Named Desire and Five Of Your Own
An Angel Named Desire and Five Of Your Own

An Angel Named Desire and Five Of Your Own

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There is an angel that lives in the Garden of Eden and her name is the Desire. She takes the form of a tree and she exists as the twin to the Tree of Knowledge. Her granting powers are surpassed by none except by God and Jesus themselves. Her feet are the roots that take hold in the ground. Her body is the trunk of the tree. Her branches are her hands and fingers that reach high up into the sky. Each time somebody invokes her to grant her magic she grows another branch or root. She gains her magic to grant the desires of all people from the energy that she feeds off of through her roots. It is the energy of the Garden of Eden which was the original desire of man. This creates a bridge between the angel and man over which she is able to offer her magic of manifesting the desires of those who call upon her.

This piece summons the Angel name Desire and her divine powers of being able to grant your innermost desires. These are the most secret desires that you've ever had. There is nothing that you have to do in order to make this piece work because the energy is already set into this piece and ready to go. All you have to do is wear the piece and it will get to work. It takes the thoughts of your desires over the bridge of light, into the Garden and to the Angel of Desire and she will grant them for you. It doesn't matter what you want, it will be granted. This could be something like wealth or health, it could be fame and fortune, it could love and family. It doesn't matter what your desire is, it will be granted for you.

In addition to this ability, this angel will create a spirit that will allow you to travel to Heaven to experience what it is like there.  While you are there you will encounter legions of angels, all who have amazing powers.  You will see that this piece has five opal stones on it.  When you visit the realms of Heaven you will be able to choose five of these angels to bring back to Earth with you.  These angels will become your own personal angels and you will be able to conjure them and use their powers at your discretion.  

Sidenote-- this piece is antique and made out of what we believe is gold and genuine opal.  

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