Newton's Lost Book of Alchemy - RING
Newton's Lost Book of Alchemy - RING
Newton's Lost Book of Alchemy - RING

Newton's Lost Book of Alchemy - RING

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For beginners, I don't know why everybody seems to thing that alchemy only has to with the changing of useless metal into something of value.  There are many different kinds of alchemy.  There is blood alchemy, and soul alchemy, just to name a few.  Then there is Newton's Alchemy-- and you can believe that Newton's Alchemy surpasses any kind of alchemy you know or thought you knew or however you want to say it.  Isaac Newton is the famous philosopher, physicist, and mathematician.  He is the one that coined the phrase, "what goes up must come down."  I mean, it seems obvious, right?  But that was just the beginning.  
I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself, because I know somebody out there is probably thinking to themselves, "How does he know?"  Oh, we know and we know well.  The reason we know is because we went incognito to quite a few of the meetings of a Freemason Lodge just on the other side of the border of Pennsylvania and New York.  We used shape shifting pieces to assume different identities and we pressed our way into the center of the organization-- at least the organization in the small town that we ended up in.  Our investigation was ongoing for quite some time, even as we traveled to other places in our normal form.  I must say that those Freemasons are very stubborn when it comes to letting people in on their secrets, but we eventually gained their trust.  Eventually they allowed us into the room that they called the silver room.  
They called it the silver room, because most the artifacts that were in this room were made out of silver.  I don't know if it was just their preference or what, but nearly 90% of the artifacts made in this room were from sterling silver.  And we're not talking little things or plated, we are talking about heavy-duty silver.  The kind your grandma had in her china cabinet with her "for special occasions" cutlery.  Either way in the silver room, there was a book that was encased in the far corner of the room, in glass with silver trim.  The boo was bound in leather and on the front of book, in human hair, were stitched the words, "Newton's Lost Book."  As we were being given the tour of the silver room, we were told that the book was their most prized possession.  There was only one original copy and that (somehow) they are the owners and keepers of the book.  The most prized Freemason Magic and Knowledge, including the paths to Enlightenment, how to become like a God, the rank and file of all angels and how to take their form, how to summon the white powers of the Holy Spirit, How to create any kind of magic using the powers and energies found in the universe, etc.  
The only reason we know all this is because we confiscated the book.  Naturally, the elder of the keepers of the book, who have already seen inside of it, refuse to allow initiate newer than they are open the book.  It doesn't matter what level Freemason the person is, the keepers of the book have the final say and authority over who is granted permission to see the book.  We were not granted permission to see this book, so we decided we were going to do what we had to in order to see it; so we just took it.  We have never been back to the lodge since.  We haven't ever even used those shape shifted forms ever again.  Mission Accomplished.  We got the book.  Now what do we do??  Make empowered pieces from the book, naturally.  
Remember that little list of things I was telling you about earlier, you get all of those abilities with one of these pieces.  Just to recap, that's the path to enlightenment and total psychic awakening, how to become like a god in your own body and to awaken your strand of god DNA.  You will gain the knowledge of all angels from A-Z, both dark and white.  You will be able to summon any of these angels for the magic, or you can take their form if you so choose.  You will gain the knowledge of how to summon the white light powers of the Holy Spirit.  You will gain the knowledge of the elements around you and you will know how to mix them together in different ways, to create any type of magic that you desire.  You will gain the knowledge of how to create and change your own destiny.  You will gain the ability to awaken ancient powers that have lied dormant in the universe for year.  Virtually, anything that you can think of is yours with this most prized magical knowledge of the Freemasons.  It is the Lost Book of Newton.  

While we did make pieces from the book following the book's exact instructions - which were pretty easy - it was things no one else would ever think of. I did make Steve put the book back however. Due to Steve stealing the book, he was suspended for that for a week. The book has been returned but yes we do have the piece and oh well to that. Side note, in regards to Steve's theft, we don't believe in robbing except for from the Vatican. Tomb raiding is fine too - whatever - but stealing the Book was not okay. Like I said, it has been returned.

One ring has a clearish blueish stone in it. It is sterling silver. We do not know what the other is made of - the cross - but it is gorgeous.


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