Cosmic Pineal Healing

Cosmic Pineal Healing

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This piece holds a very simple energy that is very powerful in what it will do for you.  When you wear this piece for 7-14 days (however long your body takes), it will open up your pineal gland aka your third eye.  It opens it up in such a way that it allows the secretion of white light energy from the cosmic life force to enter your body.  This will blast you full of white light spiritual healing energies.  This will cleanse, the soul, aura, chakra system, and karma.  It has been reported that the piece has also been successful with physical healing, as well.  We have not experienced this directly, but some of our testers claim that this piece has rid them of aches and pains, with one even saying that it helped her overcome the flu.  We have had this piece sterilized, so no worries there.  I mean, plus it is a healing piece so it doesn't really carry residuals.  Either way, all you have to do is wear this piece to experience its power-- nothing more, nothing less.  

The piece you are getting is real turquoise and sterling silver.

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